The Café at Books & Books

If you ever come to Miami, I strongly advise you to visit this little cafe on Lincoln Road, The Café at Books & Books. I have eaten there twice. They have this amazing black bean humus it taste so good. They also have sandwich and they are not boring or ordinary. They are so delicious. My favorite is the Tuna Melt sandwich. It’s also a fantastic spot for people watching, we all like to do it 😉

Hvis du nogensinde kommer til Miami, so skal du helt sikkert besøge denne lille cafe på Lincoln Road, The Cafe at Books & Books. Jeg har spist der to gange. De har en fantastisk black bean humus der smager så godt. De har også mange forskellige sandwich og salater og de er hverken kedelige eller almindelige. Min favorit er Tuna Melt sandwichen. Det er også et fantastisk sted “to do some people watching”, vi gør det jo alle sammen 😉

If anyones interested here is the address: 927 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 🙂



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