Because it’s easter…

I bought 10 new nail polishes today. 5 Nubar and 5 Barry M. I still have 3 Pieces nail polishes, 8 H&M and 4 polishes I bought in London to try out. My nails have been nail polish free for almost two weeks. In that time I have tried out Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer. My nails were really weak after I took off the nail polish and decided to give it a try. I can see that my nails are stronger and more smooth. It’s really great and if you have problems with your nails you should try out one of the Sally Hansen nail treatments.

Jeg har købt 10 neglelakke i dag. 5 fra Nubar og 5 fra Barry M. Jeg har stadig 3 Pieces neglelakker, 8 H&M og 4 jeg har købt i London som jeg mangler at prøve. Mine negle har været neglelak fri i næsten 2 uger nu. I den tid har jeg prøvet Sally Hansens Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer. Mine negle var utrolig svage efter at jeg tog min neglelak af og jeg besluttede at prøve den. Jeg kan nu se at mine negle er stærkere og glatte. Den er rigtig god og hvis du har problemer med dine negle så synes jeg du skal prøve en af Sally Hansens negle treatments.



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