Barry M – Instant Nail Effects White Frost

Hi everybody. A lot have been happening in the last few months where I haven’t been blogging. I graduated from high school June 26th and before that I had a month of exams, 3 written and 5 oral ones, so I decided to concentrate on reading for those. Now I have applied to college and waiting on hearing if I’m accepted their. I can’t imagine not seeing my classmates everyday :/ I also managed to swatch my entire nail polish collection of 300 polishes (OMG I did not know that I had that many) and create an entire new buy list for my summer vacation in Florida where I will be going tomorrow. I have prepared post every other day for you guys and on the other days I will post about what I have been doing and what I have bought. I’m also thinking about starting a YouTube channel which will both be nail polish and makeup related. Plus I have decided to only write in English. It’s time-consuming writing both in Danish and in English, I know a lot more nail polish words in English, plus if I start a YouTube channel that will be in English too.

Today I have a polish from Barry M. It’s one of their instant nail effects in White Frost. I have it over H&M Light Pink in this photo. You all know what crackle is now, so I won’t bother you with explaining what it is 🙂



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