Claire’s – Hyper/Relaxed

This is one of Claire’s mood polishes. They are really cool even though they are a novelty item. It changes color based on warm and cold. So you can see the change when you hold your nails under hot or cold water. If you have long nails and have a free edge you will also be able to see the color change on the nail at all times. When the polish is warm it’s a medium blue shimmer and when it’s cold it turns into a dark blue polish.

It contains a gorgeous teal shimmer in it, but the huge downside is that it chips so fast. I put it on the day before my birthday because I wanted this to be my birthday manicure, but before lunch the next day it had chipped so bad that I had to remove it and find a new polish. This was even with a topcoat on. I will try it out again soon and see if it’s the same, because it’s a real shame, the polish is very pretty.



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