Fancy Friday #2 – Flowers

This week was crazy and the next week is going to be even more crazy so I’m going to prepare for next weeks challenge, which is watermarble something I have never tried before, on sunday were I have my last day off before the 22nd. Until then I’m finishing up project work with a crazy ambitious group so no spare time for me.

This friday the challenge was flowers. I haven’t done flowers before and didn’t want to do just regular dotted flowers, and thought about doing some  cherry flower trees, but then The Nailasaurus posted a tutorial for roses and knew I had to recreate it.


I loved the end result and for the first time doing it, it turned out awesome. I also loved the color combo, that was actually decided by using my stashlist, to find the colors I haven’t used yet.


I used Revlon Passionate Pink for the base of the roses together with a dotting tool for the roundish shapes and the polish for the ring, middle and pinky. I then used Models Own Grape Juice from their new scented line as the base for my accent nails. For the roses I used China Glaze Hey Sailor for the red details and Barry M Peach Melba for the lighter details which I made with a small brush. For the leaves I used China Glaze Starboard. I used the dry drops from Sephora on top of the roses before the topcoat to make sure that I didn’t drag in the design. I then topped it off with Wicked Fast from Cult Nails, that I found is not as prone to design dragging as my favorite topcoat Sec n’ Dry from Orly.


Here is a look at my thumb where I also did the design. I chose not to do the design on my right hand, as my skills are not as good with my left hand. Check out what the other ladies have been up to by clicking in the little blue blob in the bottom.

Denne uges tema i Fælles Fredag var blomster, så jeg valgte at udfordre mig selv lidt og lave roser, noget jeg aldrig har lavet før. Jeg er super glad for resultatet. Jeg brugte guiden fra The Nailasaurus, som var virkelig god. Jeg er også vild med farvekombinationen. Næste uges tema er watermarble, noget jeg aldrig har prøvet før, men jeg har set utallige videoer, fordi det ser så fedt ud, så nu springer jeg ud i det. Se hvad de andre tøser har lavet ved at klikke på den blå blob i bunden.



4 responses to “Fancy Friday #2 – Flowers

  1. Aww this is so pretty! The colour combinations are perfect

  2. Det ser rigtig flot ud! Farverne er også rigtig flotte :3

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