Fancy Friday #3 – Water Marble

Happy friday. In 4 days I will be done with my project I’m doing with 7 other people. I’m so ready for it to be finished, so I don’t have to spend 13 hours a day at the university.


Today I have my very first water marble as a part of the fancy friday challenge. I really loved the outcome and it was much easier than I expected based on what other people had written about it. I did have bubbles on pretty much every nail, but I think that was partly the polish fault and partly the water. I used bottled water because I didn’t have a water filter or filtered water, but I will buy some for my next water marble because I’m so doing this again.


I loved the color combination of the three polishes, and all of the behaved really well in the water, spreading out great. I used Essie Bikini So Teeny, Mint Candy Apple and Mojito Madness. I didn’t use tape around my nails which made clean-up a bit of work, so I will do that the next time. I have watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube with my favorite being My Simple Little Pleasures. She is the queen of water marbles.


The thumb turned out the best, because it didn’t have any bubbles. My next water marble is going to be with the some of the neon polishes from China Glaze’s last years summer collection. To check out how the other girls did in the water marble challenge, click in the little blue blob to get to the links 🙂

Denne uge skulle vi lave Water Marble. Det var første gang jeg prøvede det, men er super tilfreds med resultatet. For at se hvad de andre har lavet klik på den blå blob i bunden.



2 responses to “Fancy Friday #3 – Water Marble

  1. Hvor er det flot! Og faverne ser super godt ud sammen 😉

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