Fancy Friday #5 – Glitter Bomb Party

Hi guys. This week was so relaxing because I went to a summer-house with my project group. We had fun and the weather was for the most part great. We had a bonfire and grilled smores, dough and sausages.

This weeks Fancy Friday theme is Glitter Bomb Party. I knew I wanted to use my Models Own Mirror Ball glitters, since I hadn’t used them yet and they are sparkly. I did a skittle mani using creme/shimmer base colors and then the glitter on top.


On my index I have used Essie Mojito Madness and Dancing Queen. On my middle finger I used Barry M Blueberry Icecream and Freak Out! On my ring finger I used OPI Planks a Lot and Boogie Nights and on my pinky I used Revlon Cotton Candy and Hot Stuff. All is one coat and then a second one dabbed on where needed.


On my thumb I used Gosh Light Nutmeg and Disco Inferno. I really love this look. It’s so much fun and the bright and happy colors are perfect. You wouldn’t be able to get the Models Own opaque without using a million coats so it’s better to use some opaque colors underneath.

To see what the other ladies have been doing click on the blue blob at the bottom. Next weeks theme is something inspired by a movie or tv show. I don’t know what  will be doing so I’m going into thinking mode.

Denne uges tema var glitterbombefest så jeg valgte at bruge Models Own Glitter Ball lakkerne da der er massere af glimmer. For at se hvad de andre har lavet, klik på den blå blob i bunden. 



4 responses to “Fancy Friday #5 – Glitter Bomb Party

  1. ej hvor er det en god ide med mirrorball lakkerne 🙂 de er simpelthen perfekte topcoats til at give det der ekstra

  2. jeg er aldrig blevet gode venner med de glitter-stykker, der ikke er runde 😦 men fint er det! er vild med din langemand – den blå farve er helt perfekt!

    • Den Barry M er også en af mine yndlingslakker 🙂 Det var faktisk ikke super svært at putte dem på. Jeg skubbe lige lidt glimmer rundt så det lå der hvor jeg ville have det, men de lå alle fladt 🙂

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