Fancy Friday #6 – Inspired by a Movie or TV-Show

Today’s theme is something inspired by a Movie or TV-Show. I went with a TV-Show but debated back and forth which TV-show is should choose. I ended up going with Pretty Little Liars since the 4th season is starting in just a couple of days. This post is going to be a bit picture heavy 🙂


I did a photo pose with the first of the Pretty Little Liars book. I have read most of the books, the ones that have come out after July 2012, I haven’t read yet. The storyline is mostly the same but the events are different in the books and TV-Show.


On my left hand I did a base of China Glaze Sea Spray sponged with a bit of Essie Marshmellow and Cult Nails Awakening. I was inspired by this photo from Facebook. On the index I have used Cult Nails Evil Queen and a mix of Revlon Buttercup and Gosh Light Nutmeg for the blonde hair. This nail was inspired by Red Coat who is a central character in Season 3. On my middle finger I wrote the initials of the 4 characters – Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily. On my ring finger I wrote the date for the season premier and on my pinky I wrote A for the person who is ‘tormenting’ the girls.


On my thumb I wrote Pretty Little Liars with the same base as the other fingers


A rare picture, I think it’s actually the first time, my right hand has made an appearance on the blog. I used Different Dimension’s collection Pretty Little Liars. On my index I used Emily which is a polish with matte blue, white and light green glitter. On my middle finger I used Spencer a red, black and holographic glitter polish. On my ring finger I used Hanna which is a polish with magenta, periwinkle and white glitter. I don’t have Aria since it wasn’t a glitter but a shimmer topcoat but Essie’s Kisses and Bises is similar so I used two coats of that on top of China Glaze Liquid Leather.


Since my skills are not very great when using my left hand, I just wrote the hashtag or the abbreviation for the show.


I made some macro shots using my iPhone and Olloclip macro lens. The left picture is in the sun and the right picture is in the shade. I used an app on my phone to make a collage or frame.


I really loved the results and it was fun to challenge my imagination and drawing skills. I initial wanted to do a set of lips and a finger on the middle nail but my skills are not up to that yet. Next weeks theme is texture and I already have an idea what I want to do. To see what the other ladies did this week, just click on the blue blob.

Denne uges tema var inspireret af en film eller tv-show. Jeg valgte TV-showet Pretty Little Liars. Jeg er tilfreds med resultatet som er inspireret af karaktererne. Næste uges tema er textur og jeg har en ide om hvad jeg gerne vil lave. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på i dag, så klik på den blå blob i bunden.



7 responses to “Fancy Friday #6 – Inspired by a Movie or TV-Show

  1. Super fint. Har dog ikke set serien 🙂

  2. Jeg elsker bare den serie! 😀
    Flot design 🙂

  3. er der seriøst lavet en kollektion efter pretty little liars?! 😀
    synes virkelig du har været kreativ – de er flotte! 🙂

  4. har aldrig set serien men jeg synes dine negle er vildt fine. Og den China Glaze farve er dælme godt nok fin 🙂

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