4th of July Manicures

Tomorrow is the 4th of July in the US, and even though I’m spending the day in Denmark I did something fun on my nails. Last year we traveled to the US a couple of days after 4th of July but we celebrated it in the garden with some friends, BBQ and a Boston Creme Pie. I did two set of nails, one for the day and then I redid then a couple of days later before we traveled to the US but keeping the design almost the same.


Last year I used two coats of Barry M Blue Moon, two coats of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday (it’s the constitutions birthday after all and it reminded me of fireworks) and then I topped it off with one coat of Blue Moon. On my ring finger I did the same flag design I did for the 4th of July in Atlanta in 2011, using Orly Star Spangled, and Stripe Rite in Blue and White 🙂 One the day I wore the same manicure except I used Essie Marshmallow for the glitter sandwich nails.

This year I actually went to a Family Picnic at the American Ambassador residency here in Denmark. It’s been a couple of years since they held it, because the previous ambassador only wanted to have a party with CEO’s and important Danish people, but since she traveled home early this year and the new ambassador is not here yet, we had the chance to do it again. It’s super fun and there is a lot of different American food and a raffle. I actually won a box with ten boxes of chocolate in it.


I wore this design on my left hand. Index finger is two coats of China Glaze White on White. I used a star cut-out on painters tape and China Glaze Splish Splash and China Glaze Hey Sailor. Check out this tutorial by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. Her stars are a bit smaller than mine were. On my middle finger I did a water marble inspired by My Simple Little Pleasures’ tutorial here. I used China Glaze White on White, First Mate and Hey Sailor. On my ring finger I did my standard flag using Orly Star Spangled, China Glaze White on White and First Mate. On my pinky I used China Glaze White on White, JENsations New England Patriots and a layer of Essie Marshmallow.


On my thumb I did a flag design but I used textured polishes for a different look. Zoya Chyna for the red color, Kiko Sea Blue for the blue and OPI Solitaire for the white.


On my right hand I used the same colors and designs, but did the textured flag on the ring finger instead. My water marble turned out completely different even though I did the same design and dropped the colors the same way.


I did the regular flag design on my thumb. I got tons of compliments, and really enjoyed wearing the different designs. See you all friday for the next design in Fancy Friday. This week is tape. Happy 4th of July to those of you who are in the US or celebrating it anywhere else in the world.



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