Fancy Friday #12 – Summer

Today the theme is summer. Before doing my Monet Waterlily nails last week I had on an untried Essie color in Cute as a Button. As soon as I put it on it reminded me of watermelon and I knew I wanted to do watermelon nails. After removing the Monet nail art I applied it again, something that has never happened before.


The Essie shade is a bit jelly like so I put on three coats to get it to cover completely. After letting it dry for 3 hours, I used a french nail tip guide and painted a white tip with China Glaze White on White and because I didn’t have the patience to wait another three hours  I free-handed the green tip with a small nail art brush leaving a little bit of the white above. I used a-England St George a holographic deep blue-toned green. I then added little wiggly lines with another small brush and a-England Dragon, a holographic olive-green. These two shades are extremely pigmented.

VDSC_0857.JPG Close Up

I then added the seeds at the top with a dotting tool and China Glaze Liquid Leather. I used a quick dragging motion after touching the nail with the dotting tool to get the tear shape. I finished off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Watermelons is very summery too me. Their bright pink color and the nice taste is summer in a fruit. To see what the other ladies have come up with for summer click on the blue blob in the bottom 🙂

I dag er temaet sommer og jeg har lavet vandmelon negle. Vandmelon er så sommeragtige og farven på neglelakken inspirerede mig til at lave vandmeloner. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på i dag med temaet sommer, så klik på den blå blob i bunden 🙂



10 responses to “Fancy Friday #12 – Summer

  1. Ooooooh, soooo purty!!! Love that you used Dragon for the rind!

  2. Hvor er effekten på skallen fed 🙂 Det har du lavet rigtig godt 😀

  3. fedt med holoeffekten i tippen:) mig og cute as a buttom kunne ikke være gode venner, forstår man jo ikke når du viser sådan et smukt billed

  4. Maria Sardrup

    Jeg ville også have lavet melon-negle! Jeg tror dog ikke, at de var blevet ligeså fine som dine 🙂

  5. Rigtig flot mani, er helt vild med tippen 😀

  6. jeg vil ha en holo vandmelon!!! det er så fedt 😀

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