Fancy Friday #19 – Reciprocal Gradient

Todays theme is reciprocal gradient or reverse gradient. Check out MySimpleLittlePleasures YouTube channel because she is really good at this technique.

I went with two a-England colors, because they are super pigmented and I really wanted to do a gradient with holographic polishes. I started with one coat of Dragon, which is a really pretty scattered holographic olive-green with a gold flash. I then sponged on Dragon at the base of the nail and Saint George, a scattered holographic dark green teal, at the tip. I did this three times. I then applied a fast dry topcoat and left it alone over night.


The next day I applied three strips of striping tape per nail vertically, but the strips can be placed however you like it. I then reversed the colors so Dragon was on the tips and Saint George at the base. I sponged three times. I then removed the striping tape to reveal the reciprocal gradient. After much clean up and a topcoat the manicure was done. Click on the blue blob in the bottom to see the other manicures.


I denne uge skulle vi lave en reciprocal gradient, jeg tror ikke den har noget navn på dansk. Jeg valgte to grønne farver fra a-England som begge har en spredt holografisk effekt. Resultatet blev virkelig fint. Klik på den blå blob i bunden for at se hvad de andre har lavet i denne uge.



6 responses to “Fancy Friday #19 – Reciprocal Gradient

  1. Rigtig flotte farver 🙂 Gradienten er blevet rigtig flot, fin overgang 😀

  2. This looks soo amazing! Will definitely check that Youtube channel out, because I have to clue how to get that effect on my nails.

  3. This is beautiful – I’ve always wanted to do a gradient with these colours!

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