Fancy Friday #21 – Dots

Today we are doing dots. I have never actually done a manicure with dots, as far as I can remember. I was inspired by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails, who does amazing nail art and has amazing nails. She did this dot manicure last fall and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect.


First of all, this manicure was so hard to photograph. The dots did not want to show up like the look in real life. I started up with two coats of Cult Nails Vicious, a creme eggplant purple. It is very opaque and was super easy to apply.


Then I did larger dots in the center and small dots on each side. I used Cult Nails Charlatan. It is sort of douchrome glassfleck topcoat in pink, purple and blue. It is super sparkly and so pretty over darker colors like this purple. It looks blue in the center and purple on the edges. When you tilt your hands all the way back its pink.


In this picture you can see the pink sparkle. Dots are a super easy way to spice up a manicure or do super easy nail art. This will not be my last dotticure. To see what the others have come up with using dots, just click on the blue blob.

I dag var det prikker der var udfordringen. Jeg blev inspireret af Sarah fra Chalkboard Nails til denne manicure. Jeg brugte to Cult Nails lakker som base og til at lave prikkerne. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på ved at klikke på den blå klump i bunden.



4 responses to “Fancy Friday #21 – Dots

  1. hold da kæft hvor fedt effekt! Jeg elsker det!!! 😮

  2. Hold nu da op hvor er det nogle lækre lakker du har fundet frem. WOW

  3. Jeg elsker den glimmer toplak 😀
    Rigtig lækker mani 🙂

  4. rigtig efterårs agtigt mht. farverne – dejligt!! 🙂

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