Fancy Friday #26 – Saran Wrap 3 ways

Todays challenge is saran wrap, a common household item that can be used to create nail art. In the last year where the saran wrap technique has been created and spread, I’ve seen three different techniques using saran wrap. I decided to use all three techniques with the same colors to show you the differences between them while keeping the color palette the same.

I’ve used Pieces Plum Gum, a dusty brouple (that’s my name for a brown purple) for my base and Essie Bobbing for Baubles, a dusty navy blue and Essie School of Hard Rocks, a dusty army green for the saran wrapping.


For the index and pinky I used the classic saran wrap that I have seen the most around the blogging world. You crumble up the saran wrap and paint your color on and then sponge it on the nail. Let it dry and use a second color if you wish. I used this technique for the background of my Waterlily nails.

The technique on the middle finger is this one from Jen from MissJenFabulous. I saw this over a year ago and when I saw this prompt I immediately thought of her. It’s done by painting blobs of colors randomly on the nail and then laying a piece of saran wrap over and pressing it down on the nail to spread and mix the blobs of polish. It’s kind of a splatter effect.


The last technique used on the ring finger is kind of like the first technique, but instead of painting the color on the crumbled up saran wrap you paint a layer over your color and then use a clean pieces of saran wrap to take away some of the color. I used Bobbing for Baubles on the left hand and School of Hard Rocks on the right.

I like how differently the techniques look and it’s a great way to use a common household item for nail art. To see which technique the others used and their colors, just click on the blue blob below.

I dag var temaet vita wrap eller husholdningsfilm. Jeg brugte det på tre forskellige måder, med de samme farver for at vise forskellen på måden man kan bruge det på. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på, skal du klikke på den blå blob i bunden.



2 responses to “Fancy Friday #26 – Saran Wrap 3 ways

  1. er helt vild med din farvesammensætning, synes det er så flot sammen

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