Fancy Friday #36 – Naked

Today we are doing naked nails, so I wanted to show you what my completely naked nails look like, as well as a nude polish look.


I am not wearing any polish in this photo, not even the Rejuvacote that I’m holding, just so you can see what my nails look like without polish. I’m wearing polish 99% of the time. Only time they are naked is between changing polish, and how long that is depend on how busy I am.


Here is how you can wear polish, if you are not into strong colors or have to wear a nude or conservative color for work. On my index, middle and pinky I’m wearing three coats of Zoya Godiva, the prettiest nude texture polish with silver sparkle. This color is so pretty and sparkly. On my ring finger I’m wearing two coats of OPI My Very First Knockwurst and a coat of Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow. This look is sparkly, while still being nude and not in your face.

Check out the other ladies nude look, I know some of them also showed their naked nails.

Den første udfordring i det nye år er naked. Jeg valgte en nude tekstur lak fra Zoya og en lys pink med guld glimmer over. Tjek de andre tøsers blogs ud, jeg ved at der er andre der har vist deres nøgne negle.



One response to “Fancy Friday #36 – Naked

  1. rigtig fedt! den deborah lippmann har jeg savlet over nogle gange, bare pokkers den er endnu mere dyr end de andre.
    Men det er som om din mani stadig er i julehumør:) kan jeg godt lide, julen skal ikke bare dø bare fordi der er et år til nu;)

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