Fancy Friday #38 – Go to Manicure

This is probably the most simple manicure I have done in the all the fancy friday’s until now. Todays theme was favorite technique or go to mani. I don’t think I have a favorite technique, I do really like watermarbles, but I wasn’t in a mood to play with that. So I opted for a type of polish I have worn when I’m not wearing nail art. The texture polishes. I love this trend and have 40 different textures and a couple more on my wish list. Today is one of my all time favorites, Zoya Carter.

VCrop of 0274

Both photos today have been taken with my iPhone 4s. My DSLR turned the color different and would not focus because of not that much light and the fact that my hand could keep still, so I turned to my iPhone and the pictures actually came out pretty good. This polish is pure awesome, the darker purple glitter with the brighter more magenta glitter that dries to that perfect pixiedust finish, is perfection in a bottle. I love wearing textures, both because the look great, wear well and because they are not as tough to remove as glitter nail polish is.


This macro photo was taken with my Ollo clip macro lens which I don’t use often enough. This photo shows the glitterness and the grittyness of the polish. If you haven’t tried texture polish yet, run out and get some because they are great. Click the blue blob to see what the other ladies have come up with today.

I dag er temaet vores yndlings teknik eller go to mani, jeg elsker tekstur lakker for tiden, så det blev min fortolkning. De holder i lang tid, glimter som glimmer og så er de ikke så svære at fjerne som almindelige glitter lakker. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på, skal du bare klikke på den blå blob.



2 responses to “Fancy Friday #38 – Go to Manicure

  1. smukke billeder! havde også store problemer med at tage billeder af min i sin tid 🙂 og følger dig i texturtrenden, det er underligt at tænke på det kun er en et årig trend så stor som den er blevet

  2. WAUW! Den er flot! Den kommer på ønskelisten :p

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