Fancy Friday #41 – Match your eyes

Today we are matching our polish to our eyes. I have really dark brown eyes, so I choose a dark brown polish.

Crop IMG_0737

This is the new version of My Private Jet from OPI. I know a lot of people call this yuck brown, but I really like the gold flash with the scattered holographic glitter. The brown is border lining on black in low lighting, and it was sometimes hard for me to see if it was brown or black while I was inside today. There are several different versions of My Private Jet. The original is a linear holo, while the others a scattered with different flashes of color, I know one has a blue flash. These are very hard to find, but I’m actually very happy with this dark color.

If you want to see what the others are doing for their eye color, just click on the blue blob below.

I dag matcher vi neglelak til vores øjenfarve. Jeg har mørkebrune øjne, så jeg valgte min mørkeste brune lak, OPI My Private Jet. Hvis du vil se hvad de andre har fundet på, skal du bare klikke på den blå blob i bunden 🙂



One response to “Fancy Friday #41 – Match your eyes

  1. den fik jeg i fødselsdagsgave 😀 er smuk til dig

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