Fancy Friday #46 – Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

It’s friday once again, and today we are playing with colors. The prompt for today is using the colors yellow, red, blue and green. Other than that it’s up to our own imagination. I was empty for ideas once again, so I asked what the other girls were doing. One of them was doing one of the colors as a background and then using the rest as dots. My mind got started and I first thought about doing simple dotted flowers. The idea evolved a bit.


I started with two coats of Barry M Blueberry Icecream. I then used a coat of Max Factor Dazzling Blue on my index and pinky, a coat of Models Own Indian Ocean on my middle finger and Kiko Turquoise Microglitter on my ring finger. I then did roses after The Nailasaurus tutorial. I used Cult Nails Evil Queen as the base, Cult Nails Quench as dark accents and Revlon Buttercup for lighter accents. I used China Glaze Starboard for the leafs.

I really like the shimmery base together with the roses. I wanted to do roses again, since it’s almost a year since I did them last. The turned out pretty good and very springlike, since the weather have been nice and sunny in Denmark for the past week. You know the drill, click on the blue blob to see the other ladies nails.

I dag er temaet så simpelt som 4 farver, gul, rød, blå og grøn. Det voldte dog lidt problemer da jeg slet ikke vidste hvad jeg skulle lave. Dog blev jeg inspireret af en af de andre som dog har lavet prikker. Jeg lavede roser, siden det er næsten et år siden jeg sidst lavede dem. De blev ret fine og dejlig forårsagtige. Klik på den blå blob i bunden for at se de andre pigers negle.



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