Fancy Friday #47 – Fairytale Nails

Today we are doing our interpretation of fairy tales. I was considering both Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. I ruled out Rapunzel, because drawing a braid was out of question. When thinking about Sleeping Beauty, I though about doing the castle with the thorns around it, the spinning wheel and the two toned dress the fairy godmothers make for Aurora. After googling a bit around I stumbled across Did My Nails and her nails inspired by the two toned dress. I loved her nails so much, that I redid them.


I used two of the colors that Elizabeth used, Essie Teeny Bikini and Revlon Passionate Pink. I started with two coats of Teeny Bikini and sponged on the Essie and Passionate Pink. After cleaning up I did two coats of OPI Pirouette My Whistle, a silver glitter with white satin hexes. I didn’t get too many hexes out, even though I turned my bottle upside down.

The nails turned out really pretty and very fairytale like in my opinion. I kind of want to see Sleeping Beauty again, also because of the music. I also want to see Maleficent when that comes out, because it seems super cool.

I dag er temaet eventyr. Jeg overvejede både Rapunzel og Tornerose, men at tegne en fletning var ikke noget jeg lige kunne overskue. Så ved jeg ude i noget frihånd med slottet fra Tornerose med tornebuskene, spinnerokken og den to farvede kjole. Jeg endte dog med en gradient der repræsentere den to farvede kjole efter jeg så Elizabeth fra Did My Nails. De blev rigtige fine og forårsagtige.



One response to “Fancy Friday #47 – Fairytale Nails

  1. det tema tænkte jeg også på at lave, men kunne ikke finde ud af et få det omsat til neglen så valgte noget andet:) dit er blevet rigtigt flot!

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