Fancy Friday #49 – Inspired by a shoe

Today we are doing nails inspired by a shoe. I was deciding between my very expensive Louboutin shoes and my crazy awesome holographic glitter shoes from Nine West. In the end the holographic glitter shoes won, partly because the sun was shining bright outside.











I started this look out with three coats of Gosh Holographic Hero. This is the relaunch of the HTF Gosh Holographic. The new version has a better formula, but is a little less holographic. After that I applied a coat of Essence Hello Holo, a holographic glitter, I then stamped a fish net pattern on top in Nails Inc Serena, to mimic the pattern in the shoe. I finish off with a coat of Hello Holo that I dabbed on, and finally a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.


I really love this look. It’s super sparkly and holographic. The look exactly like the shoes. I bought these on sale in Florida and they are my favorite shoes (well after my Louboutin’s). They are super comfortably even though they are high, and add that perfect sparkle to every look.


Bonus shot of the holographic effect. Click on the blue blob in the bottom, to see what shoes the other ladies have been inspired by today.

I dag er vi inspireret af sko. Jeg valgte mine glimmer holografiske sko. Jeg brugte en holografisk lak, holografisk glimmer og lidt stamping, for at matche mine sko. For at se hvilke sko de andre damer er blevet inspireret af, skal du bare klikke på den lille blå blob i bunden. 



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