Fancy Friday #51 – Easter

Happy easter, whether you celebrate or not. I have been enjoying some time of from school, with some tv-shows. Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunshine and warm, so I think I will be spending the afternoon in the garden with a book.

VIMG_0782 Crop

I used 4 coats of Different Dimension Have A Grape Day, a purple and blue thermal with gold shimmer. My nails are cold in this shot. I could have stopped at 3 coats, the 4th didn’t make the color deeper. I stamped with BM-H10, using the easter egg stamp and Essie No Place Like Chrome. The stamp didn’t transfer like it should, I don’t know it if was because the polish was drying to fast, I was not fast enough or what.

VIMG_0784 Crop

Here my nails are warm and the color is blue. It’s not overly easter, but I was running late and didn’t have that much time. Next week it’s Holo Madness, and I can’t wait to bust out some of my holographic colors. I’m crossing my fingers for sunshine next week. Click on the blue blob to check out the other ladies easter nails.

God påske. I dag laver vi påske negle. Mit stamp blev ikke helt som jeg havde forestillet mig, men jeg havde ikke så meget tid. I næste uge skal vi lege med holografiske lakker, så jeg håber på noget solskin. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på. 



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