Fancy Friday #56 – Inspired by a famous person

Hello everybody and happy friday. I’m feeling like myself again and can eat normally. I still have the stitches, but they will be gone on their own in about a week or two. Today we are getting inspired by celebrities. I have seen that some of the others have been inspired by clothing worn by a celebrity, but I decided to recreate nail art worn by a famous person.










I chose this manicure by Zooey Deschanel from New Girl, because it looked really cool, easy to do and spring like. This picture is from her Instagram account, and she wears a lot of nail art.


I didn’t go for the colors that were the closest because I wanted to use some of my untried polishes. The four colors I ended up using were all untried until now. I started out with three coats of Kiko Golden Tiffany, a mint with golden shimmer. I then did two lines crossing in the center of the nail with Rimmel Blueberry Whizz, a blue shimmer texture from the Sweetie Crush collection and a striper brush. Using the same brush I added a diagonal line with Finger Paint Sexy Sundress, a bright acid green and a small straight line. I did the gold stripes following the line of the blue with Gosh Frosted Gold. I finished up with a coat of HK Girl top coat.

The look was easy to do. You can change the colors, make the lines smaller or wider or use different finishes for a different look. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have inspired by, I know a couple was inspired by Katy Perry, but their looks are totally different, which is so fun.

Hej og god fredag. I dag er vi blevet inspireret af kendte. Jeg valgte Zooey Deschanel fra New Girl og en manicure hun har haft på. Looket blev rigtig fint og forårsagtigt, og det kan varieres i det uendelige med forskellige farver og typer af lakker. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre er blevet inspireret af 🙂



2 responses to “Fancy Friday #56 – Inspired by a famous person

  1. Hvor er de fede 😀 anede slet ikke hun lavede den slags, hende må jeg da vidst følge 🙂

  2. vild med at du har valgt at kopiere en kendt persons look 🙂 de er vildt fine 🙂

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