Fancy Friday #61 – Texture

Hi everybody. Last year when we had a texture challenge I played with striping tape, creme colors and texture polishes. This year, I used tape again but in a different way.


I started out with a coat of Duri Rejuvacote and after letting it dry, I placed a half-moon sticker from Nail Vinyls at the cuticle on all of my nails. I patted it down so it was secure and painted two quick coats of Gosh Frosted Purple. I removed the stickers and revealed the naked half-moon. I cleaned off the Rejuvacote on the naked nail.


The design turned out good, and the naked half-moon looked great against the silvery purple texture polish. Click on the blue blob on the bottom to check out what the other ladies have come up with for texture friday.

I dag leger vi med tekstur lakker. Jeg elsker dem, da de er nemme at lægge, de tørrer forholdsvis hurtigt og de holder i rigtig lang tid. I dag har jeg lavet en naked half-moon. Jeg brugte Gosh Frosted Purple og en half-moon sticker fra Nail Vinyls. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på.



3 responses to “Fancy Friday #61 – Texture

  1. I DEFINITELY need Frosted Purple…looks gorgeous on you!!

  2. wow jeg er vild med det simple og at det er så stilet 🙂

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