Fancy Friday #66 – Duo

Today we are doing duo’s. As soon as I saw the theme I knew what I wanted to do. I had 3 shades of Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy duo polishes, I bought back in 2012 while on vacation in Florida that I hadn’t used yet.


The creme polishes are extremely pigmented and covered almost with one coat. I could have left them like that, but out of habit I did two coats. I had a little bit of staining from the blue polish on my hands, but a little cuticle remover took care of that. I then painted a little of the flakes from the other end of the polish at the base of my nail. On my index and pinky I’m wearing Galactic, a dark blue creme and blue and purple flakes. On my middle I have Orbit on, a dark purple creme with purple and indigo flakes and finally on my ring I’m wearing Moondust, a black creme with green and yellow flakes.


To mix things up a bit I applied OPI Matte Topcoat over the nails, to see how the flakes looked matte. The flakes pop more when the they are matte, and it’s easier to see the color shift. Even though the look is a little bit dark for summer, I enjoy a darker color on my nails before diving into the last month of official summer and bright colors. The iridescent flakes brightened the look up and it would be a really cool look for fall. Click on the blue blob as usual to see what the others thought about when thinking about duo.

Lige så snart jeg så at temaet var duo vidste jeg at jeg skulle finde mine Revlon Moon Candy duo lakker frem. Det blev ret fint, og det er ganske simpelt og hurtigt at lave. Klik på den blå blob som sædvanligt for at se hvad de andre har fundet på.



2 responses to “Fancy Friday #66 – Duo

  1. Er helt vild med mani’en i mat 😀

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