Fancy Friday #71 – Drybrush

I have tried the dry brush or distressed technique thought out by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails before, so I wanted to do something a bit different this time. I thought of a post I saw on Lucy’s Stash, where she used duo-chrome polishes on a black base.


I started out with two coats of OPI Black Onyx. I then pulled out Dance Legend Celia & Boggs and Models Own Golden Green, from their duo-chrome Beetle Juice collection. I then wiped the brush completely off, before brushing the colors on randomly on the nails.


This have to be one of the hardest manicures to take photos of. The colors constantly change depending on the angle, you look at them in. This photo is taken in the shade to better see the colors. It almost looks like those beetle wings that have so many colors on them.


Bonus shot, to show some of the color shift. The dry brush technique is a lot more subtle when doing it like this. I kind of want to try it with a white base instead or with holographic polishes. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have come up with.

I dag kaster vi os ud i dry brush teknikken. Jeg har prøvet det to gange før, og valgte en lidt anden tilgang i dag, for at få et anderledes resultat. Duo-chrome lakkerne får det til at ligne bille vinger. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på.



One response to “Fancy Friday #71 – Drybrush

  1. Det er altså bare nogle sindsyg smukke farver! 😀

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