Fancy Friday #73 – Inspired by Fall

I love those beginning stages of Fall, when you can smell the cold in the air, but it’s still warm enough to wear a leather jacket and sneakers. When the leaves are starting to change and the sun is still warm. When the leaves are all gone and it’s so cold you can see your own breath, then I wish for Spring and Summer to come back 🙂 This year I was inspired by the leaves and the trees and the pretty colors.


I started out with three coats of Zoya Blaze, a super pretty deep red scattered holographic jelly polish (that was a mouthful). The I looked at my stamping plates to find something Fall like. I found this super pretty stamp with maple leaves on it on my Bundle Monster H11 plate. I used three different polishes for the stamp. On my pinky I stamped with Orly Solid Gold, on my ring and index finger with Sally Hansen Liquid Gold and on my middle finger with a-England Excalibur.


Here you can see the a-England shade better, it gets a little washed out in direct lightning, but indoors and in the shade, it looks really pretty with the silver and gold. The Sally Hansen shade stamped really well, but chrome and metallic polishes usually do. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have done today.

I dag bliver vi inspireret af efteråret, som ikke rigtig er kommet til Danmark endnu. Jeg stampede nogle fine blade på en rød baggrund. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på i dag. 



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