Fancy Friday #84 – Inspired by christmas decorations

Happy friday, it’s officially december and we are getting closer and closer to christmas. I’m kind of freaking out since I have a lot to do before the 24th. I have already figured out how our christmas tree is going to be decorated so that is great. For today’s inspiration I looked in our many boxes of christmas decorations and found some of my favorite baubles. They are a pearly white with silver glitter details.


I started with three coats of Orly Au Champagne as my base. Then with a small detailing brush I painted swirls on my middle finger with OPI My Signature Is “DC”. With the same polish and brush I painted a snowflake and some dots on my ring finger. With a striper brush and the same silver polish I made stripes on my index and pinky nails. After letting it dry I went over the lines and dots with a small brush and a England Merlin to get the glitter effect. I finished off with a coat of Poshe.


I love snowflakes for winter and christmas manicures. I think they ended up looking a lot like the baubles and I can’t wait to decorate our christmas tree. The next two friday’s are also inspired by christmas. Click on the blue blob to see what christmas decorations the other ladies was inspired by.




I dag er vi inspireret af julepynt. Jeg stak hovedet i en kasse med julepynt og fandt nogle af mine yndlings julekugler. Mine negle blev rigtig fine og kom helt i julestemning. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvilken julepynt de andre er blevet inspireret af.



4 responses to “Fancy Friday #84 – Inspired by christmas decorations

  1. De er blevet rigtig fine 🙂

  2. hvor er det elegant og smukt! jeg er helt vild med det!

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