Fancy Friday #85 – Inspired by christmas food

Hello everybody, hope your december is going good without too much stress. I’m working away on my project, but have bought almost all of my christmas gifts and just today I bought the last things I needed for wrapping them. Well today we are getting inspired by christmas foods, but I wasn’t really in the mood to put actual food items in my nails like a roast, so I went with candy instead.


On my index, middle and pinky I started with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. After letting that dry I stamped using MoYou London Festive 03 and a England Perceval. On my index I have candy canes, on my middle a peppermint swirl and on my pinky candy cane stripes. On my ring and thumbs I applied three coats of Picture Polish LakoDom and stamped snowflakes on top using Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle. I know you don’t eat snowflakes (but it is fun to catch them with your tongue :)) but they represent snowflake sugar cookies, which are super cute.

Next week we are getting inspired by christmas presents and I already have an amazing idea that involves more stamping. I can’t wait to see if it actually turns out like I imagine in my head. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have come up with.

I dag bliver vi inspireret af julemad, men jeg havde ikke lige lyst til at have en flæskesteg på neglene, så jeg valgte juleslik i stedet for. Pebermynte stænger og snefnug småkager. Klik på den blå blob for at se de andres bidrag til fælles fredag.



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