Fancy Friday #89 – One color, three shades

Hello and happy friday. I hope you had a good week, considering the events in Paris. The idea for this manicure came from I loved the stripe gradient and decided to recreate it with some blue colors.


The base for this was three coats of Essie Bikini So Teeny, after letting that dry I placed tape on either side of the nail leaving a line in between. I then created a gradient with a England Tristam and Dancing with Nureyev. I sponged four coats on to make the colors vibrant and saturated.


I really liked this kind of gradient that didn’t take up the whole nail, I might have to experiment with different kinds of gradients. Also the cleanup process was quite easy since most of the skin around my nail was blocked by tape. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies did. I’m not lying when I say this isn’t the only gradient this friday.

I dag har vi temaet en farve, tre nuancer. Jeg var i tvivl om hvorvidt min farve skulle være lilla, blå eller grå, men min lillesøster valgte blå. Ideen til manicuren er fra Lacquerstyle, så credit går til hende 🙂 Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på i dag.



One response to “Fancy Friday #89 – One color, three shades

  1. Ej hvor er de fede 😀

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