Fancy Friday #96 – Foil

Happy friday. Yesterday we had some pretty sunshine, but this manicure took a bit longer to finish, so I didn’t get any photos in the sun, but this manicure definitely looks prettier in sunlight.


I decided to show some different ways you can use foil on your nails. The most important thing is that your base is completely dry before starting using foils, and second use a glue that is made specifically for foils. This type of glue dries down very sticky, so be careful around lint, cat hair and dust. My index and middle finger was inspired by Lucy’s Stash, I used two coats of OPI AmazOn…AmazOff and then applied the glue just on the tip. After it dried and turned clear, it took about 4 minutes, I quickly applied and ripped of the foil, so it got a distressed look.


On my ring finger I applied two coats of OPI Black Onyx, and then stamped with Barry M Silver Foil Effects and then quickly applied the foil and rubbed all over the nail. After I removed it, and wasn’t completely happy with how much foil was on, so I applied glue over the silver polish and after letting it dry I applied the foil again. I have seen people who have had great success using craft paints as the stamping polish because it dries slower than polish. On my pinky I did the classic full nail, where I just applied glue all over the nail, and then rubbed the foil over.


On my thumb I did some line work using the glue and a small detail brush. On thing to remember is to not make the coat of glue thick, otherwise it will not dry and turn clear, I had to redo the thumb because the first coat of glue was too thick.  There is no limit to how creative you can get using the glue. Foils don’t like quick dry top coat, so I first applied a coat of Makeup Store Aquafix, any water based top or base coat can be used, and then a coat of Gelous, a slow drying top coat. It didn’t dull the holographicness or make the foil crinkle. Click on the blue blob to see how the others did today.

I dag leger vi med foil. Jeg har lavet lidt forskellige designs så I kan se hvordan man kan lege med foile, det er faktisk kun fantasien der sætter grænser. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på.



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