Fancy Friday #107 – Gold

Happy friday. The sun is shining and spring is definitely here. Immediately when I saw the theme for today it thought about the 1920’s and The Great Gatsby. The black and gold art deco prints. I had recently ordered the MoYou London Time Traveller Back to the 20’s plate 05, which has some really pretty art deco images on it, so I had to try it out today.


It was quite a simple manicure to do. I started with two thin coats of Barry M Gold Foil Effects and then I stamped using Mundo de Uñas Black. I decided to do a stamping skittle, using five different images, one on each nail. I decided to go with images that had the same feel to them. All of these look at bit like clam shells or fans.


I really like black and gold together. It is a classic combination that is super easy to wear. I thought about adding gold glitter to the base, but decided it would be too busy with the stamping on top.


Bonus shot of my thumb nail. My nails are getting super long again, so I will probably trim them before next friday. The weird thing is that when they are naked they look so much longer than when I have polish on them. Remember to click by the other girls to see what they did for today.

I dag er temaet guld. Jeg tænkte med det samme på 1920’erne og art deco. Så jeg fandt min MoYou London Time Traveller Back to the 90’s 05 plade frem og stampede med den. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har lavet til i dag.



One response to “Fancy Friday #107 – Gold

  1. Hold op hvor er de flotte!

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