Fancy Friday #124 – Light and Dark

So I was a bit lost for ideas and didn’t really know what to do, but then I decided to do a gradient from dark to light, with a fading gradient on top.


I started with two coats of a England Fonteyn, a silvery lilac holographic. I just love the a England holographic polishes. The lighter colors are super soft in the holographic effect and not in your face, but still come out to play in the sun, where the darker holographic polishes are more edgy. Also the formula is buttery smooth and super opaque. I then did a gradient using a England Lady of the Lake and Fonteyn.


I finished the manicure off with a fading stamping done with a England Lady of the Lake and Bundle Monster BM-XL13 plate. The stamping turned out a little softer than I thought but I like it a lot. I like how it disappears into the darker color, but if you look closely in real life you can still see the pattern. The sun hid behind the clouds so the holographic effect is hidden. Remember to click by to see what the other ladies came up with for today.

I dag er temaet lys og mørke. Jeg lavede en mørk til lys gradient med stamping ovenpå. Jeg synes det blev rigtig fint, også selvom solen ikke ville komme frem så man rigtigt kunne se den holografiske effekt i lakkerne. 



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