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Fancy Friday #169 – Danish summer

Happy Friday. Today’s theme is Danish summer. This the weather have been very rainy, at least for the most part. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in the US and 4 days in Malaga, so I got some sunshine and warmth.


I choose to do a grey waterfall manicure to represent the grey skies and rain we had, but I added a touch of gold, to represent the days of sunshine. I started with three coats of Illamsqua Raindrops. I then did a waterfall manicure using OPI Black Onyx, Picture Polish Winter, a England Encore Margot and China Glaze I’m Not Lion.


Remember to click by the other ladies.

I dag er temaet dansk sommer, som har været lidt grå og regnfuld, ihvertfald det meste af den tid jeg har været hjemme. Der har dog været gode dage, som er repræsenteret af guld glimmeren i manicuren. Husk at klikke forbi de andre.



Fancy Friday #168 – Accent nail

Happy Friday. Today the theme is accent nail, and I choose to do a skittlette, with two accent nails, instead of one.


I started with three coats of Wet n Wild Pale in Comparison on my thumb, index, middle and pinky finger. For one of my accent nails I did three coats of Maybelline Pink Party Dress, a beautiful rose gold glitter. I topped my index and pinky nails with China Glaze Fairy Dust. On my thumb and middle I stamped using MoYou London Pro XL11 and a England Sleeping Palace.


I liked the manicure better without the stamping, I don’t know if it is the stamp itself or the color of the stamp, but it looked more clean without it.

I dag er temaet accent negl. Jeg lavede en skittlette med to accent negle i stedet for en, men jeg kunne bedre lide manicuren før jeg lavede stampingen. 


Fancy Friday #153 – Purple

Todays theme is purple. Purple is my favorite color, and I have a lot of purple nail polishes. Todays manicure is another one from the vault of nail art on my computer. I did this manicure almost a year ago, so now is the time to post it.


I have two coats of China Glaze Plur-ple on my index and pinky nail. This is from last years neon collection. I love cool-toned purples and this one is really bright and fun. On my middle and ring finger I have two coats of a England Encore Margot, topped with a stamp from MoYou London Holy Shapes 08 plate. The pinky is topped with a coat of Claire’s Sequins, a hot pink, white and black glitter polish.


I like the neon combined with the holographic polish. All the a England holographic polishes, are soft in their holographic-ness. They are never in your face, but more of a sophisticated holographic polish. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they did for today.

I dag er temaet lilla. Min yndlingsfarve er lilla. Jeg havde denne manicure liggende i min upublicerede mappe på computeren, og den passede helt perfekt med dagens tema. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på i dag. 


Fancy Friday #142 – Love

Happy Friday everyone. Since we are only two days away from Valentines Day, the theme for this Friday is love. I was in a bit of a hurry with this manicure, since I’m currently on my way on a skirt, so I repurposed or updated my existing manicure. I actually have another idea in mind for another pink/red manicure, so that will probably be up when I get home from vacation.


My original manicure had three coats of Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants on my index and middle finger, so I added some nail vinyls from Twinkled T and painted a coat of China Glaze Strawberry Fields over it, to add a little love. On my ring finger I have three coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme and I stamped using MoYou London Black Knight and MoYou London Fashionista plate 05. On my pinky I have three coats of a England Merlin to add a little glitter


On my thumb I have the same chevron pattern as on my ring finger. I really enjoy these skittlette manicures, not only because I get to wear multiple polishes and textures, but it makes the manicure more interesting to look at, than if it was just one color or one nail art technique. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they have done for today.

I dag er temaet til Fælles Fredag kærlighed og da jeg er på vej på skiferie, opdaterede jeg min eksisterende manicure med lidt hjerter og nail vinyls. Husk at klikke forbi de andre tøser for at se hvad de har fundet på til i dag. 


Fancy Friday #140 – NYE Nails

Happy New Year. I hope you all had a great night and jumped safe into the new year, with all fingers and nails. On this very first day of the year I have my NYE nails for you.


I started with two coats of OPI Ink Suede on my thumb, middle and ring finger. On my ring finger I topped the polish with two coats of Deborah Lippmann Va Va Voom. On my index and pinky I painted three coats of a England Wuthering Heights, before stamping a zig zag pattern using Barry M Silver Foil and MoYou London Fashionista plate 04.


I can’t wait to see what nail art, trends and nail polish this year has in store for us and trying some of them out. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they wore on the last day of 2015.

Godt nytår. Jeg håber at alle kom sikkert ind i det nye år, med alle fingre og negle. Jeg valgte at lave en lilla skittlette der matchede min makeup. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de havde på den sidste dag i 2015.


Fancy Friday #138 – Christmas baubles

Happy Friday. I had my last exam of the semester today, so now I’m on break until the end of January woohoo 🙂 The theme today is christmas decoration, and what is more christmas like than baubles? We are going to be decorating the three this weekend, which is one of my favorite things about christmas.


Today’s manicure is completely stolen from The Nail Network who did this manicure back in 2013. I started with three coats of a England Cathy, I could probably have stopped at two, but I felt like I could see my nail through the polish with two coats. I applied a topcoat on top since I would be using textured polish on top of that. The baubles are painted with different textured polishes and a small flat brush to get the right curve.


The bauble on the index is done with Barry M Countess, the middle is Kiko 457 Royal Blue, ringfinger is OPI Honey Ryder and the pinky is done with Kiko 458 Anthracite. The string and base is done with a small striper brush and OPI My Signature is “DC”


On my thumb I did the bauble in Kiko 454 Wine. I really like the difference in finish, and it was a super quick and simply manicure to done, so big thumbs up to Chelsea from The Nail Network for thinking of this. I’m sad she doesn’t really blog anymore, because her nail art was really good. Remember to click by to see what the other ladies have come up with.

God fredag. Nu er der ikke mange dage til jul, så i dag er temaet julepynt, og hvad er mere julet end julekugler. Vi skal pynte juletræet i weekenden, og jeg ved ikke noget bedre end at gå og pynte juletræet, så i dag har jeg malet julekugler på neglene inspireret af The Nail Network. Husk at kigge forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på.


Fancy Friday #135 – Neon Galaxy

Happy Black Friday, if you participate in that. I did a little bit of shopping online, but most of the deals on the websites were 20% off, which to me is not Black Friday. The real deal is like 50 % or more off. The theme today is Neon Galaxy.


I went for a darker neon look, by using a black base instead of a white one. I started with two coats of a England Bridal Veil. I then sponged on a bit of OPI Alpine Snow, before going in with the neon colors. I used China Glaze Treble Maker, Plur-ple, Boho Blues and Glow With The Flow. I used white acrylic paint for the dotted stars.


I finished off with a coat of INM Northern Lights on all of the nails, even the plain black, which added a little bit more holographic sparkle to those. It is not a super neon galaxy, but I like the end result. I have to say that I do prefer the dark blue and purple galaxy nails more. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they came up with.

God fredag. I dag er temaet neon galakser. Jeg gjorde dem lidt mere mørke, da jeg synes de er pænest sådan. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på med ugens tema 🙂