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Fancy Friday #160 – Desert nail art

Happy friday. Today is the world day to combat desertification and drought, so we are doing desert nails. I decided to do some sand nail art, which I also did almost a year ago today. I used Chalkboard Nails’ tutorial for her beach nail art.


It is pretty simple to do. I started with three coats of Sally Hansen Malt. I mixed Malt with black and white to create the different colors for the sand. I dotted them on randomly with a small nail art brush.


I like the nail art even though it is really simple. If I had more time, I would have been more creative, but for now this will do just fine. I thought about combining the sand with a cactus, but ended up going the simple route.

I dag er temaet FN’s dag for bekæmpelse af ørken og tørke. Jeg har lavet sand nail art, for hvad er der ellers i en ørken. 



Fancy Friday #120 – Inspired by a TV show

So I had actually switched todays theme out with the one for next week in my mind, luckily I found out my mistake before I started doing the nails, but I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, so I was some really quick nail art. I was inspired by Gossip Girl and decided to use one of my Gossip Girl x Nails Inc polishes.


I started with three coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff to keep the overall look more summery than using one of the darker bases that was in the Gossip Girl collection. I then topped all of the nails with two coats of Nails Inc High Society, a beautiful orange, yellow and green duo chrome flakie polish.


I really like how the flakies don’t stand out a lot over the light base, but when you move your fingers around they shine and catch the light. When I think Gossip Girl, I think high fashion, luxe fabrics and drama.


To bring a little bit more of the Gossip Girl tv show to the nails I painted xoxo on my thumb nail. I started doing it with OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby, but it didn’t show up enough, so I mixed LAMB with a little bit of OPI Black Onyx to deepen the shade for it to show up on the light base. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they did for today.

Jeg havde ved en fejl for forbyttet næste uges tema med dennes uges, men heldigvis opdagede jeg det før jeg gik i gang, men så måtte jeg tænke hurtigt. Tv serien er Gossip Girl og jeg brugte en flakie fra Nails Inc kollektionen Gossip Girl. Husk at klikke forbi de andre damer for at se hvad de har lavet i dag.


Fancy Friday #113 – Sand and Water

We are continuing along the road of summer inspired nail art, today with nail art inspired by sand and/or water. The moment I saw this theme I knew what I was doing. Every since I saw Sarah from Chalkboard Nails Beauty and Beach Summer Nail art I have wanted to recreate it and today was the perfect occasion.


I started with a coat of OPI Alpine Snow on my thumb, ring and pinky. I then sponged on three coats of OPI Alpine Snow and Mesauda 81 Aquamarine. I then painted on the squiggly lines for the water reflection with Stripe Rite in white.


For the sand nails I started with three coats of Sally Hansen Malt. For the sand effect I mixed Malt with white and black and dotted them on with a small nail art brush. I decided not to add the starfish from Sarah’s nails because I liked the clean look of just the sand. Remember to check out the other girls by clicking on the frog.


Fancy Friday #109 – Recreate a YouTube tutorial

Happy friday. I had some busy days, and that affected my index nail, so the corner broke of twice, so annoying. Today we are recreating a YouTube tutorial. choose these pretty flowers by PackaPunchPolish.


I started with two coats of Barry M Pit Stop as the base. I then painted five petal flowers using Barry M Kiwi (bright green), Revlon Passionate Pink (pink), China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (yellow), Essie e-nuf is e-nuf (red) and OPI That’s Hula-rious (mint green) with a small detail brush. I then added three dots in the center of each flower using the same brush and OPI Black Onyx. I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.



I really like these flowers and they were super easy to do. If you haven’t checked out Pack a Punch Polish’s YouTube channel out yet, please do, she is really talented. Remember to click on the blue frog to see what the other ladies have done for today.

I dag genskaber vi en YouTube tutorial. Jeg valgte PackaPunchPolish’s fine forårs blomster. De var rigtig nemme at lave og blev rigtig flotte. Husk at klikke fordi de andre damer for at se hvad de har lavet i dag.


Fancy Friday #10 – Tape

Today I’m here with my tape design for this week’s Fancy Friday. I googled and searched a couple of different blogs, to get some inspiration. I wasn’t in the mood for cutting tape in shapes, so I used my striping tape from Born Pretty Store for this look.


I started with three colors from Cult Nails. The blue is Nakizzle’s Shizzle and it’s actually a dupe for Barry M’s Blueberry Icecream. The only difference is the price tag Cult Nails retails for 12$ and Barry M for a couple of pounds or 6.50$ on Ninja Polish. I used two coats of that. It’s from the newest collection Dance All Night. The nude or beige color is Crusin’ Nude a pretty dark nude with a pretty pink shimmer. The grey is Faded which also covered in two coats. It’s also from the Dance All Night collection.


I placed five pieces of striping tape random on the nails and painted on the glitter polishes. I painted on one coat and then put a second coat on right after the other, without making it too thick. Then I peeled of the pieces of striping tape in the reverse order I placed them in, to get the cleanest design. I topped it off with one coat of Gelous and then a coat of Orly Sec n’ Dry. I used OPI Simmer & Shimmer over Nakizzle’s Shizzle, OPI Sparkle-icious over Crusin’ Nude and Ninja Polish Crazy as a Capper over Faded. Crazy as a Capper is made by Coverband but is sold on Ninja Polish and is in Ninja Polish bottles. It is supposed to be a dupe of OPI Mad as a Hatter.


Next week is inspired by a painting or photo, and I already have the painting in mind I want to use. Hopefully is will turn out great. It’s going to be a challenge, but that is what Fancy Friday is for 🙂 Hint: the painting(s) are exposed in a museum in Paris. Click on the blue blob in the bottom to see the other ladies post.

I denne uge er udfordringen i Fælles Fredag tape. Jeg brugte striping tape. Grundfarverne er alle fra Cult Nails og glimmerne er næste alle fra OPI. Crazy as a Capper er en dupe for OPI Mad as a Hatter så teknisk set er de alle fra OPI. I næste uge er udfordringen inspireret af et maleri eller foto. Klik på den blå blob i bunden for at se der andres indlæg. 


H&M – Beige, Light Purple, White

Here is the next three H&M polishes from Spring Nails. After these three I have one more left, but that’s going to get its own post, because it’s awesome 🙂

Her er de næste tre H&M neglelakke fra Spring Nails. Efter de her tre har jeg en tilbage, men den får sin eget indlæg, fordi den er fantastisk.

 First up is Beige. Very original name I might add 😉 It’s cool toned, so it won’t match everyone’s skin tone, but its a pretty beige for the nude nails look. The formula was good, I used two coats for this look.

Først har vi Beige. Meget originalt navn 😉 Det er ikke en varm farve, så den vil ikke passe til alles hudfarve, men det er en pæn beige hvis man går efter “nude” negl. Applikationen var god, og jeg brugte to lag til dette look.

I think Light Purple maybe a wrong description of this color. In my eyes it’s a pink toned purple, but in my imagination light purple is more of a lavender color. It’s still a pretty polish, which I really like.

Jeg vil sige Light Purple er et forkert navn til denne farve. I mine øjne er det en lyserød lilla, men som jeg forestiller mig, så er en lys lilla, mere lavendel farvet. Det er stadig en pæn neglelak, som jeg rigtig godt kan lide.

This is White. A pretty standard polish. It’s perfect for french tips or as a base for sheer polishes. This is two coats. The first coat was a bit streaky, but the second covered perfectly. It’s not a chalky white like some whites can be.

Det her er White. En pæn standard neglelak. Den er perfekt til hvide spidser eller som base for gennemsigtige lakke. Det her er to lag, det første var lidt ujævnt, men det andet dækkede perfekt. Det er ikke en kalket hvid, som nogle hvide kan være.



I though this would be a dupe for Morning Mist from Pieces. This one seems to have a bit more shimmer instead of being a foil. The color is also more pink/silver than gold. They are both really pretty. I’m wearing Morning Mist on my index finger so you can see the color difference. The difference is not that big but in certain lighting you can see it. Monica is from Make-Up Store.

Jeg troede at denne neglelak ville være en kopi af Morning Mist fra Pieces. Denne her har mere glimmer i sig og farven er mere lyserød/sølv end guld. De er begge to rigtig flotte. Jeg har Morning Mist på min pegefinger, så I bedre kan se farveforskellen. Farveforskellen er ikke stor, men i nogle belysninger kan man godt se den. Monica er fra Make-Up Store.