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Fancy Friday #123 – Purple Minion Madness

Happy Friday. Today we are doing minions on our nails. I love the minion movies. I saw the third movie on the day it premiered in Denmark with my friend, who also got my minion socks for my birthday. I have some of the Glam Polish Mayhem and Madness Collection and decided to use of the polishes as my inspiration.


To do something different I decided to do the purple minions instead of the yellow ones. I started out with three coats of Glam Polish Purple Minion Madness, a red-toned purple with black and white round micro glitter and large black and white diamond-shaped glitters.


The base of the minion is OPI Planks A Lot. The overalls are Catrice How I Matt Your Mother and the hair is OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini. The silver is done with Barry M Silver Foil, the black is acrylic paint and the white is OPI Alpine Snow, since the white acrylic paint wasn’t showing up.


I think they are super cute, they don’t look as mean as the ones in the movie, but that is totally okay. If you haven’t seen the minion movies yet, you totally should, they are so funny. Remember to check out the other ladies minion nails.

I dag har vi lavet minion negle. Jeg elsker minion filmene, men lavede de lilla minion i stedet for, for at være lidt anderledes. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på.



Fancy Friday #69 – Untried with a royal theme

Today our theme is untried, this could either be polish or a specific technique. I wasn’t really eager to try a new technique and also had no idea what it should be since I have tried a lot already, so I decided on pulling out some untried polishes.  Truth be told I have a lot of untried polishes, but I always aim to use at least one untried polish when I do a new manicure, to work my way through them. When looking through my stash list I found that I had some polishes with a theme in common.


All of these polishes have something tying to royals in the name, so I thought why not do a skittle manicure with a theme? On my index I have three coats of Butter London No More Waity, Katie, named after Kate Middleton. On my index I have two coats of Catrice Purple Reign, I stamped a crown on top using MoYou London Pro 05 and a white stamping polish from Depend. On my ring finger I’m wearing three coats of Picture Polish Imperial and on my pinky I have two coats of OPI Miss You-Niverse(this was just a base color so it doesn’t really have anything to do with the theme) with a coat of Essence Space Queen on top.


On my thumb I’m also wearing two coats of the OPI color and a coat of Glam Polish Fairy Princess Gru. Luckily all the polishes was in the same color family, so it doesn’t look to crazy mixed together. I was a little surprised when I looked through my untried polishes that these had a connecting theme, but it made it a little more fun than just 5 random polishes. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have come up with.

I dag er temaet uprøvet, det kan enten være en eller flere lakker eller en teknik. Jeg valgte lakkerne da jeg ikke rigtig kunne finde en teknik jeg ikke havde prøvet. Alle fem lakker har noget kongeligt tilfælles i navnet, hvilket jeg synes var meget sjovt. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har kastet sig ud i.


Fancy Friday #57 – Fashion

Hello and happy Friday. I’m on the very last days of my project work, we are handing in Monday at noon. Today we are inspired by fashion. We used the same theme back in October, click here to see what I did back then. Today I was inspired by my own closet, more specifically a blazer from H&M New Icons.


It has on off white base, with blue/purple streaks and black streaks. The lapel is in dark blue faux leather and it also has piping details in the same blue faux leather.


I started out with three coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff. After that dried I used the distressed nail art effect by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. I started with Color Club Total Mystery, a blue/purple shimmer using the distressed technique. After that dried a little bit, I did the same with Nails Inc Serena, a black creme. I finished off with a coat of HK Girl top coat. On my ring finger I used two coats of Catrice How I Matt Your Mother, a dark purple, with a matte leather finish, to match the leather lapel.


The nails turned out exactly like I imagined in my head, and they match the blazer perfectly. Click on the blue blob in the bottom, to see what fashion the other ladies was inspired by.

I dag er temaet mode. Vi havde samme tema tilbage i Oktober sidste år. Du kan klikke her for at se hvad jeg fandt på den gang. I dag blev jeg inspireret af en blazer fra H&M. Mine negle blev helt som jeg havde forestillet mig, og passer perfekt til blazeren. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvordan de andre har brugt mode i deres negle. 


Fancy Friday #42 – Love is in the air

It’s Valentines Day. I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, it’s a made up holiday in my eyes, but it’s a good excuse to get some pink and red on the nails.

I did a watermarble, that I had originally planned to have a heart design, but I could not get the hearts to show up, maybe it was the polishes or the colors, but it didn’t look like hearts, so instead I just did different patterns with Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever, a raspberry creme and Foxy Paws The polish formerly known as Purple Rain, a purple holographic. The watermarble ended up bubbling a bit, but I really like the holographic glitter in there.


On my index and pinky I did a texture quilted look using striping tape. I started out with two coats of Cult Nails Annalicious on my index and placed stripingtape after it dried and the used a coat of Kiko Watermelon 452 on top. On my pinky I did three coats of Max Factor Sunny Pink, which mostly look gold in the sunlight, did the same in stripingtape and used a coat of Kiko Cherry Red 453. The look is very springtime and girly, I don’t usually wear red colors, but I like the look when its mixed with pink.

I dag er det Valentins Dag, jeg fejre det ikke selv, men det er en god undskyldning for at have lyserødt og rødt på neglene. Hvis du vil se hvad de andre har lavet skal du bare klikke på den blå blob i bunden.


Fancy Friday #31 – New York, New York

Todays challenge is Big City. I chose New York, not only because I love the US, and have been to New York twice, but because it gave me a chance to play with my new MoYou London plates.


On my right hand I started with two coats of Catrice New York (very fitting) on the index and two coats of a-England Bridal Veil on my middle, ring and pinky. On my thumb I have two coats of a-England Perceval. I stamped with Sally Hansen Celeb City. On my index I stamped a I ❤ NY pattern. On the rest I stamped the skyline. The buildings are leaning a tiny bit, but that’s because my skills in stamping straight are not to good yet. On my thumb I stamped Stars and Stripes.


On my left hand I started with two coats of Orly Au Champagne and a coat of Essence Prismatic White on the index, ring and pinky. On my middle finger I used two coats of a-England Perceval. On my thumb I did two coats of Catrice New York. I stamped with Sally Hansen Celeb City on my middle and did an American Football player. On my thumb I did the Statue of Liberty. On my index and pinky I stamped the same pattern from the right hand this time in a-England Perceval. I stamped a large version of the I ❤ NY on my ring finger again with Perceval.

Even though the buildings did turn out completely straight I really like the result. The MoYou plates are excellent in quality and I can really recommend them. To see what the others have done this week, just click on the blue blob in the bottom.

I denne uge er udfordringen Storby. Jeg valgte New York, så kunne jeg nemlig prøve mine nye MoYou stamping plader. Jeg synes resultatet blev fint, når det kun er 3 gang jeg stamper. 


What came home from Madrid

I had a plan, on Tuesday but guess what. I couldn’t find the cardtransformer thingy for my computer so I could get the picture. I search high and low until I found it yesterday under some clothes. So here you have it. All the names are on my nail polish collection page. All the Catrice and Essence polishes are from this trip and all but 3 Kiko polishes are also from Madrid. I also bought a stamping set from Essence and a second plate, but I need to practice a bit more, before they are pretty enough to show. I’m missing two of the Nail Art Twins Blair and Bella that I really wanted to find, but maybe Rebecca and Sofie can look for them when the hopefully go to Amsterdam.

Jeg havde en plan i tirsdags, men gæt hvad. Jeg kunne ikke finde korttransformer tingen til min computer, så jeg kunne få billedet. Jeg ledte over alt indtil jeg fandt det i går under noget tøj. Så her har I det. Alle navnene er på min neglelak samlings side. Alle Catrice og Essence neglelakkene er fra denne tur og alle undtagen 3 Kiko neglelakkerne er også fra Madrid. Jeg købte også et stamping set fra Essence og en anden plade, men jeg har brug at øve lidt mere, før de er pæne nok til at vise. Jeg mangler to af Nail Art Twins Blair og Bella, som jeg håbede på at finde, men Rebecca og Sofie kan måske lede efter dem når de forhåbentlig tager til Amsterdam.