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Fancy Friday #139 – Christmas manicure 2015

Merry Christmas. I hope you had a good Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I spent yesterday eating dinner with my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandmother, mom, dad and little sister before opening presents. Today we have just lounged around the home in sweatpants and christmas sweaters. Today is optional, but since I did a christmas manicure I thought I would show it to you. I actually included my manicure from last year as well, since I didn’t show you that last year. I also found my christmas manicure from 2012 that I hadn’t shown, so it is almost like a trip down memory lane 🙂


This was some of my very first nail art. The base is Essie Bobbing for Baubles. On my index and pinky I have one coat of Ninja Polish The Midas Touch. The christmas tree on my ring finger is done with tape and Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure and the star is from Wet n Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame. The snowflake is also done in Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure and with a small nail art brush.


I was inspired for this by The Nail Network. I used three coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff. The red dots are China Glaze Cranberry Splash, the green is Sally Hansen Jumpin’ Jade and the gold is OPI Golden Eye.


This year I went for a red skittlette. I was a little bit inspired by Lucy’s Stash and the way she used Zoya Posh. I started with three coats of Zoya Posh on my thumb, index, middle and pinky. On ring finger I did three coats of OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. I used the same OPI polish and MoYou London Festive 03 plate to stamp snowflakes on my thumb and middle finger nails. Zoya Posh dries matte, but I top-coated it to bring out the glowing shimmer.


Thank you for this year. My next manicure will be my New Years Eve manicure that will be up the first day of the new year. Happy Holidays 🙂

Årest sidste manicure er min jule manicure. Jeg fandt to andre jule manicures i mit arkiv jeg ikke havde lagt op her, så de kommer også med her i dag. Tak for i år, jeg håber i får nogle gode juledage med familie og venner.



Fancy Friday #138 – Christmas baubles

Happy Friday. I had my last exam of the semester today, so now I’m on break until the end of January woohoo 🙂 The theme today is christmas decoration, and what is more christmas like than baubles? We are going to be decorating the three this weekend, which is one of my favorite things about christmas.


Today’s manicure is completely stolen from The Nail Network who did this manicure back in 2013. I started with three coats of a England Cathy, I could probably have stopped at two, but I felt like I could see my nail through the polish with two coats. I applied a topcoat on top since I would be using textured polish on top of that. The baubles are painted with different textured polishes and a small flat brush to get the right curve.


The bauble on the index is done with Barry M Countess, the middle is Kiko 457 Royal Blue, ringfinger is OPI Honey Ryder and the pinky is done with Kiko 458 Anthracite. The string and base is done with a small striper brush and OPI My Signature is “DC”


On my thumb I did the bauble in Kiko 454 Wine. I really like the difference in finish, and it was a super quick and simply manicure to done, so big thumbs up to Chelsea from The Nail Network for thinking of this. I’m sad she doesn’t really blog anymore, because her nail art was really good. Remember to click by to see what the other ladies have come up with.

God fredag. Nu er der ikke mange dage til jul, så i dag er temaet julepynt, og hvad er mere julet end julekugler. Vi skal pynte juletræet i weekenden, og jeg ved ikke noget bedre end at gå og pynte juletræet, så i dag har jeg malet julekugler på neglene inspireret af The Nail Network. Husk at kigge forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på.


Fancy Friday #137 – Christmas tradition

Happy Friday. Today the theme is christmas traditions. In my family we have for a lot of years, cut down our own Christmas tree, around the middle of December. For the past couple of years, my mom and dad have been out-of-town on a christmas trip during the weekend we get our christmas tree, so it have been me and my sisters job to choose the tree. This Sunday we are getting a tree, so what was more fitting than to put on some christmas trees on my nails?


I started with three coats of Deborah Lippmann You Got Me Started, a dove grey creme. On my middle and ring finger, I painted an abstract christmas tree inspired by OhMyGoshPolish. I used Illamasqua Swinger topped with Different Dimension Sexy and I Know It on my middle finger. On my ring finger I did the christmas tree in OPI My Voice is a Little Norse. The stars are from Barry M Starlight. My pinky is topped with a coat of China Glaze Razzle Me Dazzle Me.


I think the christmas trees turned out really cute, I really like the holographic glitters, it adds a little extra. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they did for today.

I dag er temaet jule traditioner. I min familie har vi i mange år fældet vores eget juletræ, hvilket vi også skal i denne weekend, så hvad var mere oplagt en at male juletræer på neglene. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på. 


Fancy Friday #136 – Elfs

Happy friday and happy december. All of the Fancy Friday post in December will have a christmas theme. The first theme is elfs, and I immediately thought of the christmas movie Elf, so that became my inspiration for today.


I started out with two coats of China Glaze Take A Hike on my index and pinky, and two coats of Zoya Chita on my thumb and middle nails. On my ring finger I started with two coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme, before doing the rest of the nail art with acrylic paint. I began with the yellow stockings, before finishing off the black elf shoes and the green jacket.

You only get one photo today, because the early nightfall is starting the bug me, so most of the photos came out a little blurry. I really hate the it starts getting dark so early, but soon it is changing again and getting lighter. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they came up with for today.


Fancy Friday #86 – Inspired by Christmas Gifts

Hello and happy friday. It’s almost christmas. I handed in my project yesterday, and oh did it feel good. I also started wrapping gifts and got partly inspired by my christmas wrapping paper this year for todays manicure. The christmas tree was purchased on sunday, and we are going to put it up tomorrow. It beginning to look a lot like christmas 🙂


I love the look of pretty wrapped presents, but I’m not a huge fan of the overly christmassy paper, with elves and christmas trees, so I went a little more fancy both with my wrapping paper, one that is gold holographic and one that is silver holographic and a white with gold stripes. On my index finger I painted two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and stamped with BBF 08 and Barry M Gold. My index finger broke the corner the other day (in case you were wondering why it looked crooked) On my middle finger I painted two coats of Alpine Snow again and a coat of China Glaze White Cap. After that dried I added zig zag nail vinyls and painted two coats of Orly Bling over.


On my ring finger I painted two coats of OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby and stamped with China Glaze Cranberry Splash and MoYou London Fashionista plate 07. On my pinky I did two coats of Depend 262 and stamped with Barry M Silver and MoYou London Pro 05. The bow stamp is from MoYou Happy Birthday 01. The black is Depend Black Stamping polish and the white is Depend White Stamping polish.


On my thumb I painted three coats of Appeal4 Marsmallow Holo, than stamped with my well used christmas plate, MoYou London Festive 03 and Depend White Stamping polish. I loved how they turned out, and also really like the double stamping technique. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have come up with. Oh and Happy Holidays if I don’t have time to check back in before next friday.

Glædelig jul. I går begyndte jeg at pakke de første julegaver ind og blev delvist inspireret af mit indpakningspapir. Jeg havde allerede ideen i begyndelsen af december så det var bare at vælge hvordan papiret skulle se ud på neglene. Jeg synes det blev ret fint og man kan jo også bruge metoden til fødselsdagsnegle. Hvis man mangler indpakningspapir har Føtex mange fine holografiske. Jeg har købt den sølv og guld og de er rigtig flotte. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre damer har lavet. 


Fancy Friday #85 – Inspired by christmas food

Hello everybody, hope your december is going good without too much stress. I’m working away on my project, but have bought almost all of my christmas gifts and just today I bought the last things I needed for wrapping them. Well today we are getting inspired by christmas foods, but I wasn’t really in the mood to put actual food items in my nails like a roast, so I went with candy instead.


On my index, middle and pinky I started with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. After letting that dry I stamped using MoYou London Festive 03 and a England Perceval. On my index I have candy canes, on my middle a peppermint swirl and on my pinky candy cane stripes. On my ring and thumbs I applied three coats of Picture Polish LakoDom and stamped snowflakes on top using Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle. I know you don’t eat snowflakes (but it is fun to catch them with your tongue :)) but they represent snowflake sugar cookies, which are super cute.

Next week we are getting inspired by christmas presents and I already have an amazing idea that involves more stamping. I can’t wait to see if it actually turns out like I imagine in my head. Click on the blue blob to see what the other ladies have come up with.

I dag bliver vi inspireret af julemad, men jeg havde ikke lige lyst til at have en flæskesteg på neglene, så jeg valgte juleslik i stedet for. Pebermynte stænger og snefnug småkager. Klik på den blå blob for at se de andres bidrag til fælles fredag.


Fancy Friday #84 – Inspired by christmas decorations

Happy friday, it’s officially december and we are getting closer and closer to christmas. I’m kind of freaking out since I have a lot to do before the 24th. I have already figured out how our christmas tree is going to be decorated so that is great. For today’s inspiration I looked in our many boxes of christmas decorations and found some of my favorite baubles. They are a pearly white with silver glitter details.


I started with three coats of Orly Au Champagne as my base. Then with a small detailing brush I painted swirls on my middle finger with OPI My Signature Is “DC”. With the same polish and brush I painted a snowflake and some dots on my ring finger. With a striper brush and the same silver polish I made stripes on my index and pinky nails. After letting it dry I went over the lines and dots with a small brush and a England Merlin to get the glitter effect. I finished off with a coat of Poshe.


I love snowflakes for winter and christmas manicures. I think they ended up looking a lot like the baubles and I can’t wait to decorate our christmas tree. The next two friday’s are also inspired by christmas. Click on the blue blob to see what christmas decorations the other ladies was inspired by.




I dag er vi inspireret af julepynt. Jeg stak hovedet i en kasse med julepynt og fandt nogle af mine yndlings julekugler. Mine negle blev rigtig fine og kom helt i julestemning. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvilken julepynt de andre er blevet inspireret af.