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Fancy Friday #118 – Inspired by a summer memory

So I’m back from vacation. It was two great and very hot weeks. I would not call the current Danish weather summer. It’s cloudy, windy and rainy most of the time, so it feels more like a fall day than the end of July. Hopefully the summer returns next week. I was inspired by a picture I took of a sunset in Florida back in 2009.


I just love the way the sunset colors blend together with the tiny hint of purple skies and the completely black palm trees in the front.


I started with two coats of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, and then applied liquid latex around the nail to help with the clean up after the gradient. I did three coats of the gradient using OPI Live.Love.Carnaval closest to the cuticle, OPI Toucan Do It If You Try in the middle and the China Glaze at the tip.


After the base was dry I used a striping brush and black acrylic paint to paint the palm trees. I painted a stripe for the base, and four stripes for the base of the leaves. I then added tiny stripes to form the leaves. After the paint was dry I finished off with a coat of Poshe top coat. Remember to check out the other ladies by clicking on the blue frog.

I dag er vi inspireret af sommer og sol eller et sommer minde. Jeg valgte det sidste, men billedet er taget på en sommerferie og der er en sol på. En fin solnedgangs gradient med sorte palmer. Husk at klikke forbi for at se hvad de andre har lavet til i dag.



Fancy Friday #114 – Summer Drink – Watermelon Fizz

I love watermelons and since the weather have heated up quite a lot here in Denmark over the past couple of days, I can’t wait till tomorrow where I’m going to drink some watermelon fizz. I translated that drink onto my nails for this week’s Fancy Friday.


On my index, middle and ring finger I have three coats of Barry M Rose Hip, and on my pinky three coats of Essie Cute as a Button. I painted on tiny watermelons on my index and middle finger using a small nail art brush. The watermelons are done in the Essie polish, the rind is Barry M Kiwi and the white and black are OPI Alpine Snow and Black Onyx.


The ring finger is a glass of watermelon fizz. The glass is made in Appeal4 Frosty Dawn, the drink itself is the Essie polish dry brushed on, the ice cubes are made by mixing OPI Alpine Snow and Appeal4 Frosty Dawn. The little mint leaves are done with Barry M Kiwi, the straw in OPI Black Onyx, and the tiny little umbrella is made with Different Dimension Whatever 2.0 and the stem is in Appeal4 Rosebay Dust.


The bubble technique used on the thumb and pinky is done with watered down acrylic paint, a dotting tool and a dry brush. I dotted on the paint and had it sit on the nail for a couple of seconds, before using the dry brush to remove the remaining paint to leave an outline. These two nails represent to fizz in the drink. These nails turned out super cute and summery. Remember to click by the other ladies to see what they have done for today.

I dag er vi inspireret af sommer drinks. Jeg valgte Watermelon Fizz, fordi vandmelon er indbegrebet af sommer for mig. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de havde lavet til i dag.


#WeekendOffNailArtChallenge – Day 30 Dots

Today’s theme is dots. It is the very last day of our #WeekendOffNailArtChallenge. It has been such a fun month, but also quite hard, because sometimes I have not gotten to enjoy the nail art I did for very long, before having to change my polish again. I also think my nails and fingers will thank me a bit, because they have been a bit dry this month. I will do a round-up post Monday, so you can see all the nail art I have done for this challenge.


I was inspired by Nailstorming on YouTube and Instagram, who have done some cool dotted gradient nails. I started with two coats of Essie Ballet Slippers, just to give my nails a bit more pink and to cover the staining of my nail beds. I then used China Glaze Feel The Breeze, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, China Glaze Pool Party and Orly Beach Cruiser for the dots, and two different size dotting tools.


Bonus shot of my nails under LED light. I just love how neons glow under a black light. I also can’t wait to wear neons on my fingers all summer long, how I have missed them. Remember to check back in tomorrow for Fancy Friday.

Everybody can participate just use the hashtag #WeekendOffNailArtChallenge on social media like Instagram or add your link at the bottom through inlinkz, all you need is a free user. Remember to check out the other ladies link at the bottom throughout the day, just click on the little frog 🙂

Alle kan deltage enten ved at bruge hashtagget #WeekendOffNailArtChallenge på for eksempel Instagram eller ved at tilføje dit link i bunden via inlinkz, alt du skal bruge er en gratis bruger. Husk at klikke forbi de andres blogge dagen igennem, du skal bare klikke på den lille frø 🙂


challenge photo

Fancy Friday #63 – Stamping

Hello and happy friday. Today we are stamping, a technique I am really starting to enjoy and love playing around with. This time I went for a tropical look.


I started out with three coats of Sally Hansen Wavelength on my thumb and ring finger and three coats of Models Own Tropical Sun. After that dried I stamped with Depend Stamping polish in black using two different plates. On my thumb and ring finger I stamped with BBF 11 and on the rest of my nails I stamped a Hawaii flower design from MoYou 10XL


The stamping turned out really crisp on the flowers, a little bit less on the butterflies, but they still look good. Click on the blue blob at the bottom to see what the other ladies have stamped.

I dag stamper vi. Jeg kan rigtig godt lide at stampe og når man først har fundet den stamper der fungere for en, så går det ret let. Mit blev tropisk med sommerfugle og Hawaii blomster. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre piger har fundet på til stamping.


Fancy Friday #60 – Skittlette

Hello guys. Today I had my final exam in this semester and got a 10. I’m super happy about it, and now I’m looking forward to a nice long summer vacation. Before going on vacation I just need, to find some shopping places where I’m staying, print some coupon so I can save some many and clean up my room, which looks like there have exploded a bomb, it’s so messy.

Today we are doing skittlette, a nail art technique thought up my Marta from ChitChatNails. I love this and have done it several times on my blog. My first post for Fancy Friday over a year ago was a skittlette.


I started out with two coats of OPI Live.Love.Carnaval on my thumb and index. It was almost a one coater, but did two just to be one the safe side. The rest of the mani was kept more neutral in color. On my middle and ring finger I did two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a coat of Essie Marshmallow, after letting it dry a bit I used BBF stamping plate BBF-07. I stamped with Nails Inc Serena. When I come back from vacation I’m going to buy some stamping polishes, namely black and white. On my pinky I did three coats of a-England Merlin, a tiny bar glitter silver, that covers really well and is very shiny.


I really like the pop of color with the coral from OPI together with the black and white stamping and the silver glitter. Skittlette is a really fun way to combine polishes, and a great way to try more than one polish at a time, which is nice when you have a lot of untried polishes in the stash. Click on the blue blob in the bottom of the post to see what the other ladies have come up with.

I dag bruger vi skittlette teknikken, Marta fra ChitChatNails har fundet på. Jeg endte med en creme lak, kombineret med en glitter og to stampede negle. Jeg kan godt lide kontrasten mellem dem, og det er faktisk ret nemt, når du først har fundet ud af hvor mange forskellige negle du vil have. 


Fancy Friday #25 – I Want Candy

Today the theme is candy. I was inspired by this look from Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. I had seen this when it came out in March, but when I saw the prompt, I immediately thought of this manicure, because it’s so sweet to look at.


I started out with three coats of OPI Pink-ing of You from this years Pink of Hearts collection. After that had dried, I used a medium size dotting tool and created the center of the candy wrappers. I then used a small brush and created the edges. I used Essie E-nuf is E-nuf (coral), Essie Mint Candy Apple (blue) and OPI Planks a Lot (purple). I finished with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.


Even though the candies didn’t turn out perfect they are still super cute and sweet to look at. To see what the others came up with for candy nails, click on the blue blob in the bottom.

I dag er temaet søde sager. Jeg valgte at lave små indpakkede slikstykker i sjove farver. Jeg er ret glad for resultatet som også ville passe fint til små piger. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på, skal du bare klikke på den blå blob i bunden.


Primark Coral with 17 Gold Crackle

I wore this polish over a year ago, so if you are wondering about my nail length that’s why 🙂 I wore the Primark polish again last week, because I was going to a “rave” party with UV lights and glow sticks. It was supposed to glow under UV lights, and even though I didn’t get a picture I can say that it does. It’s not the most glowing polish, but it lights up in a pink color. Coral is a coral jelly/creme. It’s quite pigmented but doesn’t last that well on the nails, but it’s fun for a night out so you can have glowing nails.

When I wore it the first time I used it as a base for the gold crackle I bought in London from 17. It’s not really a true gold more a champagne gold. The cracks are bigger, but it’s nice to try something different.It’s not a gold color like the one from China Glaze that I have some pictures of on my computer. Maybe I should show you those tomorrow.

Jeg havde det neglelak på for over et år siden, så hvis du undrer dig over om min neglelængde så er det derfor 🙂 Jeg havde denne Primark lak på igen i sidste uge, fordi jeg skulle til en “rave” fest med UV-lys og glow sticks. Den skulle lyser op i UV-lys og selvom jeg ikke har et billede jeg kan vise, så lyser den. Det er ikke den mest glødende lak, men den lyser op i en lyserød farve. Coral er en koral jelly/creme. Det er ret pigmenteret, men den holder ikke så godt på neglene, men den er god til en aften i byen, så du kan få glødende negle.

Da jeg havde den på første gang brugte jeg den som en base for guld cracklen jeg købte i London fra 17. Det er egentlig ikke en rigtig guld farve men mere en champagneguld. Cracksne er større, men det er rart at prøve noget anderledes end de sædvanlige. Det ikke en guld farve som den fra China Glaze, som jeg har nogle billeder af på min computer. Måske skulle jeg vise dem i morgen.