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Fancy Friday #39 – Music

Today we are inspired by music. I chose a specific song – Katy Perry Waking Up in Vegas. The lyrics were fun and had a lot of imagery in them that I could use for nail art.


On my index and pinky I have two coats of a-England Excalibur, the revamped version, and two coats of Cult Nails Walk of Shame. This nail is inspired by the line “shake the glitter of your clothes now” and I thought that the name of the glitter mixed perfectly in with the theme. On my middle I’m wearing two coats of Pieces The 47th Element and stamped with a stamp for MoYou London Tourist plate 06. I used Sally Hansen Jumpin’ Jade. This is inspired by the line “put your money where your mouth is” so the dollar bills fit great in here. Finally on my ring finger I have three coats of Essie Demure Vixen and a wedding ring done in OPI This Gown Needs a Crown and Deborah Lippmann Blinded by the Light for the stone. Since they supposedly got married drunk I thought a weeding/engagement ring would be fitting.

Overall is this look fun and I especially enjoy the money stamp. See how the others were inspired by the music by clicking on the little blue guy in the bottom of the post.

I dag er temaet musik, og jeg blev inspireret af Katy Perry’s sang Waking Up in Vegas. Der er både glimmer, penge og en ring nævnt i sangen så det skulle selvfølgelig med. For at se hvordan de andre er blevet inspireret af musik, skal du bare klikke på den blå blob i bunden.



Fancy Friday #26 – Saran Wrap 3 ways

Todays challenge is saran wrap, a common household item that can be used to create nail art. In the last year where the saran wrap technique has been created and spread, I’ve seen three different techniques using saran wrap. I decided to use all three techniques with the same colors to show you the differences between them while keeping the color palette the same.

I’ve used Pieces Plum Gum, a dusty brouple (that’s my name for a brown purple) for my base and Essie Bobbing for Baubles, a dusty navy blue and Essie School of Hard Rocks, a dusty army green for the saran wrapping.


For the index and pinky I used the classic saran wrap that I have seen the most around the blogging world. You crumble up the saran wrap and paint your color on and then sponge it on the nail. Let it dry and use a second color if you wish. I used this technique for the background of my Waterlily nails.

The technique on the middle finger is this one from Jen from MissJenFabulous. I saw this over a year ago and when I saw this prompt I immediately thought of her. It’s done by painting blobs of colors randomly on the nail and then laying a piece of saran wrap over and pressing it down on the nail to spread and mix the blobs of polish. It’s kind of a splatter effect.


The last technique used on the ring finger is kind of like the first technique, but instead of painting the color on the crumbled up saran wrap you paint a layer over your color and then use a clean pieces of saran wrap to take away some of the color. I used Bobbing for Baubles on the left hand and School of Hard Rocks on the right.

I like how differently the techniques look and it’s a great way to use a common household item for nail art. To see which technique the others used and their colors, just click on the blue blob below.

I dag var temaet vita wrap eller husholdningsfilm. Jeg brugte det på tre forskellige måder, med de samme farver for at vise forskellen på måden man kan bruge det på. For at se hvad de andre har fundet på, skal du klikke på den blå blob i bunden.


Fancy Friday #9 – Gradient

Hello again

This nail art was actually done last week before the sticker manicure, because it was fitting with a dress I was wearing to my grandfathers 90th birthday.


It was this dress with a ombre/gradient pattern from ASOS (my favorite online shopping place). As soon as I saw it I knew I had to do a gradient manicure that matched it.


I started off with three coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff from the Euro Centrale collection, this is a great light nude. I then sponged on Essie Bobbing for Baubles at the cuticle, MViB in the middle and Pieces Soul Petrol at the tip three times. My right hand turned out a bit better than my left one. This was only my second gradient, and it’s a bit hard to get a good gradient, with a light color in the middle.


Because some of the nails didn’t turn out super good I put a coat of Cult Nails Dance All Night on the once I wasn’t happy with, on my right hand that was my pinky. On the others I did two coats of INM Northern Lights. To ease the cleanup I put hobby glue/a glue basecoat around my nails and let that dry before the sponging, after I could just peel off most of the color than were outside of my nails.


Finally here is a picture of my nails with some of the dress, so you could see how it matched. I really liked the look. To see what the others have done this week, click on the blue guy at the bottom.

I denne uge var temaet gradient eller ombre. Jeg lavede denne gradient i sidste uge i forbindelse med min farfars 90 års fødselsdag, da den matched den kjole jeg havde på. Resultatet blev ret godt, men det er lidt svært at lave en gradient med den lyse farve i midten. Klik på den blå fyr i bunden for at se hvad de andre har lavet. 


Comparison – Blues

I decided to do a comparison between some of my darker blue to check out if they were similar. I had an idea that 204 and Metropolitan Sky Blue (MSB) was the same, but the color is different. I threw in OPI – Russian Blue (RB) just to have another one in there. In the closeup you can see the difference better. In RB there is a lot of pretty red glitter.

Jeg har lavet en sammenligning af tre forskellige blå farver jeg har, fordi jeg havde en ide om at Metropolitan Sky Blue (MSB) og 204 var ens, men de er forskellige blå farver. Jeg tog også OPI – Russian Blue (RB) bare for at have en mere med. På makro billederne kan du se forskellene bedre. I RB er der massere af pænt rødt glitter.


Pieces – Ms. Jagger Green

This is the last Pieces polish I needed to show you guys. I’m enjoying my 12 days of vacation that’s left before school starts. This picture is a couple of months old, that’s why my nails are so short, compared to the picture of my 4th of July Manicure. The next couple posts are going to be of the Spring Nails from H&M. The color of the polish is more green than blue in real life, but it was hard to capture the real color. I really like this color, it’s very spring. The formula, was again perfect and I strongly recommend picking up some of these polishes.

Det her er den sidste Pieces neglelak jeg manglede at vise jer. Lige nu nyder jeg de sidste 12 dage af min ferie, inden jeg skal starte i skole igen. Det her billede er et par måneder gammelt, så det er derfor mine negle er korte i forhold til billedet af min 4th of July manicure. De næste par indlæg kommer til at handle om Spring Nails fra H&M. Farven på denne neglelak er mere grøn end blå i virkeligheden, men det var svært at fange den rigtige farve på kamera. Farven var rigtig forårsagtig. Konsistensen var perfekt, og jeg vil helt klart anbefale deres neglelak.


Sauzy Red

This one is my favorite Pieces nail polishes. It a pretty red creme/jelly and very spring. I own a few red polishes but I don’t think any of them is as vibrant as this one. I have always been afraid of red polishes but this one is really pretty. In some lighting it almost looks orange, but most of the time it’s red. This week is very busy for me. I have today and tomorrow off from school to write a 10 page paper, that’s due May 9th. I also have two meetings and a another paper due friday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive than today.

Den her er min favorit Pieces neglelak. Det er en flot rød creme/jelly og meget forårsagtig. Jeg har et par røde neglelakke, men jeg tror ikke nogle af dem er så flotte som den her. I nogle belysninger ser den orange ud, men det meste af tiden er den rød. Denne her uge er rigtig travl. Jeg har har i dag og i morgen fri for at skrive SRO der skal afleveres d. 9 Maj. Jeg har også to møder og en samfundsfags synopsis for til fredag. Forhåbentlig er jeg lidt mere produktiv i morgen end jeg var i dag.


Denim from the 70ies

I wore this in the easter. It’s called Denim from the 70ies. I liked the pretty lavender color. It another one from Pieces and the only problem is that it’s quite sheer. I think I used 4 coats to get it opaque. It’s a great spring color and the consistency was good, not to thin or thick.

Jeg havde denne på i påske. Den hedder Denim from the 70ies. Jeg kan godt lide den pæne lavendel farve. Det her er endu en fra Pieces og det eneste problem er at den er meget gennemsigtig. Jeg tror jeg brugte 4 lag for at få den til at være helt ens. Det er en flot forårsfarve og konsistensen var god hverken for tynd eller tyk.