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Fancy Friday #170 – Ocean

Happy Friday. Today the theme is the ocean, specifically the Mediterranean.


I found a manicure I hadn’t posted yet, that fit into this theme. I used two coats of Barry M Sky Blue and two coats of Revlon Whimsical. The color represent the ocean, while the blue and pink glitter can be the seashells. The white stamping is how the sunlight catches the reflection of the water. The stamping is from the Bundle Monster XL16 plate.

Remember to click by the other ladies.

I dag er temaet middelhavet, og jeg fandt en gammel manicure jeg ikke havde postet der passede ind i temaet. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på i dag.



Fancy Friday #165 – Dirty Dancing

Happy Friday. I missed the last to Friday’s, but those will be up later today or tomorrow, since I did the nail art before leaving for vacation, but I was so busy seeing Boston and New York that I didn’t have time to write the blog posts. Today’s theme is Dirty Dancing, I was inspired by the dress Baby wears in the last scenes when dancing on stage, the light pink one.


This is a super old manicure, I had in my un-posted section, but I thought it fit perfectly with the theme for today. It is not as creative as it could have been, but I have spent the past two days traveling, unpacking and settling in back home 🙂


This is Revlon Popular. I don’t think they make this polish anymore, at least it didn’t see it in any of the drugstores I was in for the past two weeks. It is a light milky pink base with a ton of larger silver hexagons and smaller silver glitters. I think this was three coats. Remember to check out the other ladies 🙂

I dag er temaet Dirty Dancing. Jeg kom hjem fra ferie i onsdags, så jeg fandt denne i gemmerne af ting jeg ikke havde lagt online. Farven mindede mig om den kjole Baby har på til sidst i filmen, hvor de danser sammen på scenen. Husk at klikke forbi de andre for at se hvad de har fundet på.


Fancy Friday #109 – Recreate a YouTube tutorial

Happy friday. I had some busy days, and that affected my index nail, so the corner broke of twice, so annoying. Today we are recreating a YouTube tutorial. choose these pretty flowers by PackaPunchPolish.


I started with two coats of Barry M Pit Stop as the base. I then painted five petal flowers using Barry M Kiwi (bright green), Revlon Passionate Pink (pink), China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (yellow), Essie e-nuf is e-nuf (red) and OPI That’s Hula-rious (mint green) with a small detail brush. I then added three dots in the center of each flower using the same brush and OPI Black Onyx. I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.



I really like these flowers and they were super easy to do. If you haven’t checked out Pack a Punch Polish’s YouTube channel out yet, please do, she is really talented. Remember to click on the blue frog to see what the other ladies have done for today.

I dag genskaber vi en YouTube tutorial. Jeg valgte PackaPunchPolish’s fine forårs blomster. De var rigtig nemme at lave og blev rigtig flotte. Husk at klikke fordi de andre damer for at se hvad de har lavet i dag.


Fancy Friday #108 – Inspired by a religion

Happy friday. When I first saw this theme, I was like what am I going to do? I could do crosses or the yin and yang sign, but that was to obvious for me. So I googled weird religions and found out about a parody religion called The Invisible Pink Unicorn. That was perfect, so after looking at google images this is what I came up with.


I started with three coats of Milani Pink Flare on my index and pinky nail. Pink Flare is supposed to be a dupe for OPI Teenage Dream, a polish I regret not getting when it came out. On my middle and ring finger I have three coats of Barry M Rose Hip stamped with MoYou Happy Birthday 01 and Different Dimension Ditz 2.0.


On my thumb I started with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and then I did a coat of Finger Paints Vivid Reflection, a pink/orange/white flakie. It is not that visible in photos or in real life but I adds a little bit of sparkle when you move your finger. I then painted the logo for the religion with Revlon Passionate Pink and a small detail brush.


Pretty fun challenge, once I found out what I wanted to do. Remember to click on the little frog below to see what the other ladies have come up with for today.

I dag er vi blevet inspireret af en religion. Jeg måtte en tur på google, før jeg fandt parodi religionen The Invisible Pink Unicorn. Så lyserød, glimmer og stjerner måtte på neglene. Husk at klikke på den lille frø for at se hvad de andre har fundet på i dag.


#WeekendOffNailArtChallenge – Day 28 Saran wrap

Today’s theme is saran wrap. I really like the effect saran wrap gives. I have previously done a post using saran wrap in three different ways. My favorite way is dipping the saran wrap in polish and then sponging it on the nail. That way you can layer your colors.


I started with two coats of Alpine Snow. After letting it dry at crumbled up a piece of saran wrap and sponged on Revlon Lemon Meringue. I then went in with Cult Nails Feelin’ Froggy, Cult Nails Nakizzle Shizzle, Appeal4 Lavender Daffodil and finally Appeal4 Queen’s Lace. I let each round of polish dry before going in with the next color. I varied where on the nail I sponged on each color so no two nails turned out the same. I then went back in with some of the colors depending on what I felt like the nail needed.


I then used MoYou London Pro 06XL and Mundo de Uñas Black to stamp with. I  think this nail art is one of my favorites I have done for this challenge. The saran wrap ended up looking almost like watercolor and the different colors blended well into each other. I may try it again with the same color scheme but stamping with a white polish instead, just to see how that turns out.

Everybody can participate just use the hashtag #WeekendOffNailArtChallenge on social media like Instagram or add your link at the bottom through inlinkz, all you need is a free user. Remember to check out the other ladies link at the bottom throughout the day, just click on the little frog 🙂

Alle kan deltage enten ved at bruge hashtagget #WeekendOffNailArtChallenge på for eksempel Instagram eller ved at tilføje dit link i bunden via inlinkz, alt du skal bruge er en gratis bruger. Husk at klikke forbi de andres blogge dagen igennem, du skal bare klikke på den lille frø 🙂


challenge photo

Fancy Friday #100 – Easter

Happy friday and almost easter. Today it is post number 100 in Fancy Friday. It’s really crazy to think about. We are celebrating easter a little early here, hoping to inspire other people to what they want to wear for easter.


I started out with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. After that dried, I applied liquid latex around my nails so ease clean up. I then water marbled with Essie Bikini so Teeny, Essie First Timer, Revlon Buttercup, Nubar Purple Aster and OPI Pink-ing of You. I was inspired for the water marble by @thepolishedokie on Instagram. Some of her nail art was stolen by a company and then sold as press on nails. Always give credit, where credit is due!


I quite liked to way the water marble looked, and I’m so doing the pattern again with other colors, but I decided to stamp on top of it. I used Mundo de Unas black stamping polish and MoYou London Festive 13. The ring finger is the least crooked of the patterns. It is quite hard to stamp straight lines every single time. It looks a little bit tribal, so with a different base it would look even more tribal. I topped off the manicure with a coat of Seche Vite. Click on the blue blob, to see what the others did for easter nail art.


Fancy Friday #97 – Astronomy

Happy friday. I can’t believe it’s already March, where is time going? Today we are looking to the stars to get inspired, because todays theme is astronomy. I did galaxy nails with an accent nail on the thumb.


I was inspired by the purple galaxy nail art from Lucy’s Stash. I started with two coats of Zoya Payton. I then sponged on Revlon Passionate Pink in random patterns on the nail. I then sponged with OPI Alpine Snow, and OPI Honk If You Love OPI. I then sponged very little of China Glaze When Stars Collide on the edges and then dotted and drew stars with Alpine Snow. I finished with a coat of INM Northern Light top coat to add some more sparkle.


On my thumb I painted three coats of Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces. I then did dots in the pattern of the star constellation of the Leo which is my sign. I then added the lines between the stars. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite. I really love this nail art. Click on the blue blob to see the what the other ladies did, I know that there is a couple of galaxies and star constellations between 🙂

I dag er vi blevet inspireret af stjernerne og rummet, da temaet er astronomi. Jeg lavede galakse negle med en stjernebillede accent negl på tommelfingeren. Jeg valgte løve stjernebilledet, da det er mit tegn. Klik på den blå blob for at se hvad de andre har fundet på.